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For all the various definitions and explanations given for the word love and Valentine’s Day, the question still remains – do we really need a day for love When the day is defined as an opportunity to express love, where is it written that love expressed on other days are lesser in value When the fourteenth of February is called the day to propose, is it that proposals on other days would be rejected on the face When the day is expected to unite torn love, if love can be torn, then why unite it -

For it to tear again Is the day really for expressing feelings of affection and passion Or shall we put it this way - Is it the only day for expressing Of course, when you are in Rome, be Roman - so true; but is there anything like – if the whole world plays the fool, pool in with them Why can not we, for once, think for ourselves Say, indeed you love a girl heart fully, and so does she, would your love blossom less if told on any other day Then why wait for February 14 There are times when we fight with our loved ones.

By the definition of the V-Day, a single sorry and few words of love on that day must pardon us of all our mistakes and pave the way for a fresh account. But is this what love is all about I know a couple, my neighbors, who quarrel all day and night and seem to even hate seeing each other. But nevertheless, they would be so sweet to one another on valentines’ day, oh my, they would look like the ideal creation of Cupid. Is this how life is The theme of love is not hugging and laughing. It’s a deeper philosophy. Love is a feeling that cannot be seen, but only felt and realized. Further, it’s not just a feeling, but an ‘eternal’ feeling of oneness and happiness. Love is the glory of life. Love is life and life is love. All the way, it seems as though love is for a boy and girl. But the very usage of the word eternal includes the whole universe into the scope of the word. Love is what we feel for each other. Patriotism is love. Brotherhood is love. Humanity is love. Parenthood is love. Love is the base around which the world revolves. When the great Mahatma fought for Indian freedom, he won it out of love. When Florence Nightingale made rounds all night to look after the injured, it was pure love. When Mother Teresa built the first orphanage, she did it out of love and affection for the unwanted. (And may you note, they are all remembered and respected even today!)

Then why don’t we have a country day and brotherhood day and humanity day For the simple fact that tradesmen would not make any profit. The day is nothing but the making of the market. The merchant class always looks to capture the mass with its weakness. And the biggest weak spot for humanity is love and desire. The concept has been so well handled that we are now in an era when we don’t even know why we celebrate valentines’ day. It can be considered a tool to boost sales, for America records the maximum card sales in February, next only to the Holy Jesus Christ’s birth anniversary on December 25th. By all probabilities, it is the business profit made out of human sentiments. The card makers and florists wait for the month in order to revive back all the loss made during the rest of the year and close in glorious green. I think it is time that we realize that we are being hooked and the myth about the day is nothing but fictional. However, I hold no degree to offend the traditional beliefs and notions, but then, since traditions have been tampered in so many other occasions, why leave out on this Well, my blood pressure would not have sped this high, if the day were just a trap by the merchant class. But beyond that, it’s a day for all the corrupted and dirty souls to act their way and take advantage of the weaker sex, which is weak no more than physically. The day’s purity has been adulterated to the extent possible.

With so much said, where are we….. Come on guys and gals, step out of your old shoes and face the world afresh. Reach out to each day as an opportunity to love and give. Love not on one day, but all days. Love not just yourself, love the world. Love not just the universe, love the Supreme Power.

Shed off your silly ideas of love sign and cupid’s arrow. Mature, grow up and you will see that the whole world loves you everyday.

It is in your creation you can make every day into Valentine's Day or only wait for 14 February to show your love. Love is the purest gift to give so why deny yourself and the people in your life.