Nothing in the world can lessen the pain of losing a loved one, but as being the caring one we can try to comfort the aggrieved family by our kind gestures. In those sad and stress full moments, the sight of flowers can be more than comforting. Once the family is back at home after the funeral, its time when people can extend their sympathy and support, and the family does need it most at this time. It is also a way to let the family know that you have not forgotten them in the tough times they are going through.

The gestures to extend sympathy may vary across cultures and societies; you can take home cooked food, fruit baskets, gourmet baskets, flowers to the bereaved family. But then if you feel it is an awkward moment and you are not sure what exactly to carry or send the most popular and widely acceptable thing are flowers. Flowers can be sent by almost anyone to extend their condolences to the family whatever be your relation with the deceased or the family, but as all things go by a code of ethics and etiquettes. Sending flowers to express sympathy has also got some unstated but well accepted rules which are quite often expected to be followed. There are certain arrangements which can only be sent to the funeral and may not at all be acceptable to be sent home to the family. If you approach the local florist, he is well informed about what would be right and what would not be right, but if you are the one who are ordering flowers online, then you are at a disadvantage. So you must read this and be well informed as to how to convey your feelings to the grief stricken family, by sending flowers. It’s not complicated just a few general rules to keep in mind while you place the order. What basically governs the choice is the relationship between the deceased and the sender and even the relation between the aggrieved family and the sender. If you are clear with the type and intensity of the relations, this guide will certainly be the only other thing you will need to decide as to what flowers to send across. Here is a list of all the flower arrangements suited for the occasion along with details on who all can send which types.

Bouquet of fresh cut flowers: one can choose any flowers but go in for the more sober shades if you are not closely related or you are professionally related, close relations and family can choose brighter or deeper shades. This is generally ideal for anyone to send but may not be the perfect thing from a corporate to send. Comfort baskets: these are sometimes also known as bereavement baskets. It is generally a small bamboo or wooden basket; it may have a handle or at times not, filled with an assortment of fresh flowers and green foliage. In the traditional style the baskets were one sided and these days it is the normal whicker basket. These can be given by family members, collogues, corporate and neighbors. Potted plants: here one could choose from flowering plants to green foliage plants or even mixed pot with both

the things. These mixed pots are commonly known as dish gardens. These look most acceptable when sent by close relations of friends. They can also be used by people who were not close to the deceased but are close to the family. Easel spray: these are arrangements which are meant to be hung on the walls or placed on pedestal stands or tripods. Though least ideal for this occasion, they can be sent by acquaintances or professional associates.

Fireside basket: it is usually a wicker with a small handle to it, filled with a mix of fresh flowers, and normally it is designed to have a one sided view. They look acceptable only from business associates and corporate, and are more suited to be sent for the service than to the house.

Side table display: these are normally the one sided bouquets that one would come across in any florist shop, they can be ordered by the acquaintances or businesses to be sent to the family, but not very acceptable from a close friends and family. Vase arrangement: these have flowers contained in vases, and look good only if sent by friends, businesses and others, not appreciated from the family. Centre arrangements: these are meant to be placed on centre tables in the living area and thus are round in setup providing a good view from all sides. They should come from close friends and relatives. Fruit and gourmet baskets: these are baskets filled with fresh fruits and processed food packets. These can be sent by everyone, who chooses to.

And now there is some advice for the online buyers:

Order with a reliable website that has good and timely delivery service. Also try not to pick the usual ready made styles try to get something made to your preference, but only if you are sure you can do it right and know enough about it. If deciding on the ready made arrangements use the guide above to make the right choice also check for the details of what all is put in the arrangement. Perform a check with different websites as a bit of time spent on searching may help you save good money as you will come across major price differences as you move from one website to another. There are florist websites whish cater only for funerals and sympathy, they are more ideal as they have a good sense of the colors and varieties of flowers to be used.


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