Flower shops should give a special experience for the potential buyers. Then only they will feel inspired to share this experience with their loved ones. This way more of the potential buyers can be turned into actual buyers.

Whoever wants to start a Flower shops should first conduct a research on what other flower shops online are offering and how their shops are going to be different.

Potential Flower shops owners can visit websites of flower shops and identify what they like or feel the need to improve upon in the sites. They should view the details available on the website from the point of view of the customers and identify what might inspire them to click the buy button and what might make them leave the site with frustration or despair.

The areas that might motivate online customers to buy are:

Ability to check out items and compare the prices and choices available without clicking through pages and pages.

Ease of navigation and accession of various sections of the website which might include time taken for the page to load.

Comprehensive information on the website presented in a crisp and comprehensive manner. If there is too much information no one will read and if there is too little, customers cannot make an informed buy.

Flower shops owners need to find ways of doing the following:

Balancing and giving just the right amount

It is good to add more varieties, offering more choices to customers. But 300 varieties of roses running to 50 pages will leave customer baffled. And if there are just a handful of choices, the customer may go over to another place where more choices are available. Hence it is necessary to strike a balance between too much and too little. Information also can be grouped and presented and innovative ways can be devised to help the customers get more in one glance. For example, eBay has a new pixel view page where pictures of objects can be viewed and customers can click on what appeals to them and get more information.

Adding flowers which are not usually available in all shops such as lisianthus and

cymbidium orchids. It is necessary to have what others usually have and then have unusual varieties for those looking for the exotic.

Search facilities can be improved when customers search for bouquets on the internet by allowing them to search by types of flowers, colors, rates, characteristics or messages conveyed by the type of flower, etc.

There can also be schemes where customers earn points for free flowers or customers get reminder emails for anniversaries and birthdays.