No discussion about flowers can be complete without the mention of different flower meaning that have become a part of the celebrations of special occasions in our life. Remember that these flower meanings are the ones that have been traditionally associated with these flowers. Diffeent flower types can be known from this site. The flower types can be available in flower seasons. In particular flower gallary type the flowers are shown beautifuly. The arrangement flower types is an art of flower decoration. The flower type white is the most recommended site. The same flower may have a different meaning for you because of a special occasion or remembrance that i s associated with it.

Different flower types Meanings

White carnation: Innocence, love, good luck. Gifted to mothers on mother’s day to symbolize the purity of motherhood. These flowers were handed over in 1908 at the first Mother’s day service.

Chrysanthemums: According to Confucius, the flower of meditation. Signifies cheerfulness and optimism.

Red Chrysanthemum: Love

Daffodil: rebirth or a new beginning.

Gladiolus: Comes from Latin word Gladius, which means sword. Beauty, strength of character, admiration.

Hibiscus: Beauty.

Hyacinth: Flowers of the roman God Apollo. Stands for game, sport.

Jasmine: Attachment, Sensuality.

Lavender: Devotion

Lilac: Humility

Lily: Majestic, virginity, modesty. It is the flower of Juno, the roman goddess. The flower types was said to be borne out of the breast milk of Juno. Easter lily is symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Lotus: love that no longer exists.

Marigold: grief and jealousy though in some context could also be a symbol of affection.

Mistletoe: Affection, to fight difficulties.

Myrtle: Love

Oleander: Caution

Olive branch: Peace

Orchid: beauty.

Palm Leaves: Success

Primrose: too much love, can’t survive without you.

Rose: From the Latin word Rosa that means red. Symbol of love and passion. The different colored roses mean different things. Red stands for passion, white for purity, pink for grace.

Sunflower: Haughtiness

Sweet pea: Sweet parting

Tulip: Love, fame

Violet: Innocence, faithfulness.