The blooming array of flowers direct from the gardens, fresh and with their natural fragrance intact reaches your doorstep. With a trusted name in the world of Internet booking and ordering of flower and gifts for every occasion.

All you have to do is access the site and you will find something special for your loved

ones. The site carries a wide range of flowers and other gifting options for occasions like anniversary, birthday, Christmas day, valentine’s day etc.

Flowers and plants

Beautiful, cute, fresh, stunning and at your service are these little gifts of nature. Colorful roses, tulips, orchids, lilies, iris, lavender, carnations and others in the variety of flowers and bonsai, bamboo, green plants, orchid plants and other flower plants in the variety of plants. has a wide range of flowers and plants that can make a perfect gift for your not only your grand mothers and aunts but also for your date and other special people. The bouquets are decorated so brilliantly that they bring a wide smile on the receivers face. In attractive baskets, delicate and colorful vases and all wrapped in your love they reach to the person you want them to gift. They speak their own language of love and lets you express your feelings so deep.

Gourmet gifts has a unique idea of gifting Gourmet gifts, packed and wrapped in cute little baskets, boxes or tins. This makes the gifting more special. Earlier gourmet gifting was not considered so popular due to their perishable nature, but when it comes from a brand like you need not worry about it. The Items packed are sealed well in a vacuum tight packaging making it fit, fine and fresh to eat. You can again make a pick from the wide range of products and can ask them to be packed, as you want to. From cookies and pastries to fresh fruits, chocolates, candies, champagne etc anything you want to be packed in the gift.

Unique gifting ideas

What an idea it is… has unique gift for your loved ones for every occasion. A different one for your best friends wedding, different one for a special birthday of your beloved, different for you on your wedding anniversary and for very other special days. The site has a unique page that displays unusual yet beautiful gifting ideas. From a wine and spirit basket to a spa set, from play chess, checker and backgammon set to a delicate musical fairy figurine. These ideas listed are wacky yet makes sense and can be nice gift options. Just visit the site and you will find everything, which you can ask for and that too for any occasion. Too express different emotions of human beings to say thanks, sorry, get well soon, congrats or thinking of you FTD helps you in expressing all your emotion with a token of love.

At your services Reminder service

With its this feature of you get to set an online alarm of the important dates and occasions and you

get reminders of them along a suggestive gifts options according to the specifications of the special day for you to make a pick from.

Online booking

Online booking feature is the one that makes your shopping convenient, hassle free, with a wide range of products at your handy reach. All in all a wonderful experience and one of its kinds. All you have to do here is select the gifts for your loved ones and rest is assured. Its made available for you wherever you are. Whether you are a members and non-members you can avail the facility.

Guarantee option

A feature that proves the genuineness of services. Under guarantee option you get the guarantee to receive the good quality and standardized products. You get the replacement if it reaches you broken or faulty. In case of gourmet products it’s guaranteed that you would receive fresh products with a recent manufacturing date. And in case of flowers and plants the guarantee is again of their freshness and fragrance intact and that they would last at least for seven days from the day you receive it.

Customer Service

For that best and Ultimate customer satisfaction there is one name and that is Their goal and motto is the principle of satisfying the customers needs by being at their service. The site provides you an online option to buy after looking the product and telephonic customer service access. They can help you with all sorts of product information, delivery Information, changes in orders, cancelations, account services ordering or any other services. You can ask questions, book your gifts, keep track of the delivery, or appreciate them for their efforts. You will always here a calm, smiling voice ready to help you in every possible way 24 hours.

Special features and discounts

It feels extra special and great if you get heavy discounts and offers on your special days buys. offers wonderful money saver schemes and deals to make your special shopping for special day extra special. Discounts, free offers, buy one get one free are just a few from a huge list of offers. On days like valentine days, rose days, mother day, friendship days and so on and so forth the site flaunts attractive offers for the members and non members.


Unsaid but delivery is the most crucial thing when its about delivering special gifts to special people on a special day at a special time. The takes cares of your emotions, affection and sentiments attached to the gifts you buy for your loved ones and delivers them on time. With its effective networking with the delivery vans and boys its an easy for you to get your special gift anytime anywhere.

International delivery

A special feature that’s is one of its kind is the ease of

sending flowers to anyone around the world through the international delivery service. By this you can see infront of you a list of selected countries. With this you can deliver services to your friends and family residing in other countries. In a special way you can tell them that you care and have not forgot them on their special day. is indeed a site that covers all your needs of showering your love on your loved ones by gifting your loved ones special gifts on their special days.