Someone’s not well, and more turned down are the spirits. Do nothing just get a bunch of flowers and watch the magic of flowers work, you will instantly see the wonder, and the spirits will start soaring high again. And the smile which had got lost in the pain and suffering will come to life again. That is the magic the flowers can do to a patient. It cannot be traced as to when it started but it is definitely an old practice to get well flowers to the unwell to cheer them up, wish them good health and quick recovery and make them feel that you are with them. Flowers have always been a great gift whatever the occasion may be, they truly are the wonderful gifts of nature bestowed upon humans. They use a language which doesn’t use any words but conveys and expresses much more, which is the secret language of flowers, intriguing and unimaginable. When doctors fail to elevate the morale of the patients, the holistic touch which the flowers posses can set it all right.

Sending flowers a way to let someone know that you care for the person and you are there by his side when he needs you most. Here are some facts from a behavioral study conducted at Rutgers Behavioral Study centre, depicting the significance of the relation which exists between flowers and human psychology. The findings of this study are that flowers not only have an immediate effect on the receiver’s happiness but their effect can be seen in the long term on the mood as well. While it has a calming effect it also increases the intimacy between the receiver and the giver. So there is reason enough to grab a bouquet of fresh get well flowers when someone close to you is down with illness. And there is something that can further increase the impact of the flowers, which is if you can match the personality of the receiver with the type you plan to send. Don’t know how to do that then here we have some help for you. Here are some personality types with the complementing flower types:

Traditional or conservative: if you are getting it for those old pals of yours who tend to be conservative and traditional, hey probably would love the more common varieties of flowers, leave the new hybrid, shaded varieties aside, go in for a bouquet with assortment of flowers like roses, lilies, ivy and make sure to have enough green foliage added to it to give the arrangement a lush look.

Artistic: for the ones with the creative inclination go in for the more exotic varieties and well complementing colors.

Get the arrangement in some unusual style like different shape or different accessories used and they will love it all the more.

Romantic: the dreamy eyed people, who do everything in some fascinating style, and who are heart driven more than mind driven, they all fall under this category. Get them flowers with more soft and subtle shades, and nice sweet fragrance, and complement the whole arrangement with lots of laces and ribbons, they would simply get absorbed.

Natural: these are the no pretensions type, and lead a great outdoor life, taking on new challenges and scaling new heights. Don’t get them the usual stuff and don’t make the arrangement too ornate, keep it simple, go in for the shrub flowers, green plants, moss, i.e. all those things which are close to nature. And keep them in perfect natural shape, no cutting or shaping is needed.

Dramatic: the ones who always want to be the centre of attraction, and who must keep up with the latest in trends and style and impulsive by nature, you can term them all as dramatic types. Here you get to hold on to the more bold varieties of flowers, with strong colors and fragrances and with more elaborate arrangements. Try some contemporary vases or containers and they certainly would be pleased.

Here are some more tips if the person is old try daisies to remind them of their youth.

Just want to distract the patient try alstromeria, chrysanthemums and carnations. You can even experiment with a fruit and flower mix arrangement. If a punch of optimism is required get them lilies. Time to remind them of the sunny side, the sunflower is right there. Want to make it look sweet try asters and carnations. If you think they are dying to go out in the open and take a walk in the garden try making a big arrangement with lots of varieties fused into one, the idea is to get the garden into a basket. If they are thirsting to watch the sunset put together chrysanthemums, statice and lisianthus, to get the hues of the sunset.

Time for some rules and advice: If sending flowers to a hospital please ensure what the hospitals policies about get well flowers are as sometimes it may not be permitted. Secondly make sure you have given the correct patient name and ward no, also don’t forget to mention the time. If you can’t send it to the hospital, do it when they arrive back home. If ordering on the net try to save money by comparing various offers first. Also check for the variety available, and the ease of ordering. And do check for their delivery standards and conditions. And don’t get worked up if you can’t decide on which ones to send, send any flowers they all have the Midas touch, for flowers cannot be inappropriate ever.