Once the saga of love begins there is something that is universal to all love stories, those tender little things to express your love and romance flower all your emotions related to love. They have their very own language, with no words, and lots of emotions. You meet that special girl and want to tell her about how you feel just grab a bunch to gift her and you wont need words. That’s the power of the flowers. Ever since love has been there the flowers have gone along, as an ambassador of love. Inherently the trend was about the men gifting flowers to ladies but then of late you can find it going the other way too.

The varied colors, fragrances, shapes and sizes complemented with the tenderness and freshness have left the receiver elated, unless one is allergic to flowers. The beauty of flowers has always mesmerized people and more so the ladies. Of ages only flowers have been known as the alphabets and words of the language of love.

When one goes to the local florist he is well assisted by the florist in deciding what type of flowers and what color would be ideal for a particular occasion. But with the emerging trend of sending flowers online one is at a disadvantage. So here is some information love and romance flower especially for the lover, on how to use the magic of flowers to make your love bloom. Firstly the colors of flowers should be one of the deciding factors, to scan what all goes into your bouquet and what does not. Red flowers: A red flower is undoubtedly the ultimate one to convey ones intense and passionate feeling of love. These flowers have a real fast action and have always been accepted as being synonym with love and romance flower. They are not just magnificent but impulsive too. Pink flowers: Want to make a slow beginning or want to give your old relation a fresh new start say it with pink. The colour

is symbolic of fun, friendship, emotional maturity and the sweetness of youth. White flowers: If you want to say that your love is true, or you are looking for some peace in your relationship after an upheaval choose the white ones. But be careful not to go in for varieties which are more ideal for deaths and funerals like white lilies. Yellow flowers: Want to express warm friendly feeling; yellow flowers are the ideal ones, known to represent optimism, hope and happiness. Blue flowers: Got to tell her you have the confidence to provide her with security, and will be honest to her, blue flowers is just eh right choice to make it happen. Orange flowers: Its honeymoon time grab for the orange bunch, for it represents lust. So once you are decided on what colors express it best for you, its time to see what flowers can compliment it best. Roses: that’s the one, every lovers favorite, and the universally acclaimed flower of love. If its time to propose then nothing can be more trustworthy than a big bunch of bright red roses. As said the red ones stand for passion and desire. The white are to express innocence and purity, the pale pink for grace and happiness, want to express thanks to have found each other use dark pink roses.

Tulips: tulips make great any weddings held in the spring season, and they are the ones to let your partner know of the undying love you have for your partner.

Lilies: the Madonna lily as they are commonly known stand for purity, virginity and fertility, and can be well seen around the wedding brides. But sadly they are the ones which are often used on funerals as they depict eternal peace as well.a

Carnations: also known as the flower of fascination, the red carnation representing charity and love go great when used with rosemary and geraniums, which again stand for love, fidelity and hope, in a bride’s corsage. A scarlet carnation stands as the good-luck flower

Orchids: these are just the right flowers for expression of love and beauty. Daisy: if you think you are loyal in love, daisies would do the job perfectly. Chrysanthemum: for the feeling of friendship, chrysanthemums stand tall.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use different love and romance flower to express your emotions as you move on the ladder of love.

1. Love at first sight – gift a thorn less rose. 2. Make a confession of your love - Rosebud (Moss) the ideal one. 3. Want to reciprocate someone’s love – Ambrosia will do it. 4. Want to go secretive about your love – Acacia and Gardenia will maintain the secret. 5. She didn’t respond to your proposal – send her jonquil’s to get back an answer. 6. Time to propose – here you have a great choice, choose from Arbutus, Carnation (red), Chrysanthemum (Red), Rose (Red), Tulip (Red). 7. She has rejected you tell her you are disappointed with yellow carnations. 8. Got to say she is the only one for you – Daffodils rule. 9. Do you want to be known as the perfect lover – Tulips will award you the title. 10. Dying to meet her – Camellia (pink) can be used to ask her on a date. 11. Time to reinsure your love – Zinnia (magenta or yellow) would reconfirm that. 12. If she has disappointed you let her know with a yellow carnation.

And time for that little advice for men about giving flowers:

Be spontaneous and send her a bunch right away and she would be most delighted. Check for the seasonal market and save money by going with the season. Try your hands on new shades and different varieties and something might just work wonders for you. If it’s getting boring send her flowers and add freshness to your relation. So all I need to say is never underestimate the power of the flower.