Planting daffodil flowers: Watering Daffodil plants:

When displaying daffodils as cut flowers, be aware that daffodils and tulips do not mix well in the same vase. The sap from the daffodils will kill the tulips. To make them compatible, place the daffodils in a separate vase for 24 hours before mixing with tulips.Watering daffodil flowers is very important. The daffodil flowers need moisture continuously. Daffodil flowers cannot grow in dry conditions.So keep watering the daffodil flowers regularly to keep them moist and fresh.

Ideal time for Planting daffodil flowers

Thanksgiving day is past. The soil temperature will be cool now. This is perhaps the best time for plating daffodil flowers.

The bulb planting season is coming to an end. Planting daffodils in your garden should have been completed. If not, start planting daffodil flowers in your garden now. Daffodil flowers are perhaps the world most popular choice among the bulbs to be planted in the gardens.

The best characteristics of Daffodils is that they are suitable for being planted in any landscape. The can be lined up beside your driveway or walkway, you can plant daffodils flowers around deciduous trees or plant tehm independently in clusters in grdens or plce them in pots at your doorstep. Whatever be the place you will plant the daffodils, they will bring color and beauty to your home.

The attraction of the daffodil flowers lies in their variety of colors . Daffodil flowers come in avery wide range of colours and sizes. Daffodil flowers are also one of the permanently flowering plants . The daffodils grow every year . In fact, their growth increases every year.Daffodils flowers can also withstand hot summers and cold winters.

Origins of Daffodil flowers

Daffodil flowers have been believed to have their origins in Asia and Southern Europe. The Dafodil flowers are

commonly known as the Trumpet flowers . This is because of the common variety of daffodil flowers which has a long cup that is surrounded by six long petals, giving it the resemblance to a trumpet

Daffodil flowers are available in different varieties, in fact there have been about 25,000 different daffodil flower types.

Now let us learn a few tips for Planting daffodil flowers:

The first thing we have to do while Planting daffodil flowers , is ofcourse to choose the daffodil flowers

Planting daffodil flowers: Choosing daffodil flowers

Daffodil bulbs can be bought at any nursery or garden centers. To purchase more unusual varieties, look for catalogs that specialize in bulbs, particularly Dutch bulb catalogs.

Daffodil flowers are separated into different sizes based on their noses and tips.The daffodil bulbs are designated as DNI or DNII. These names indicate whether each daffodil bulb will be producing one flower or two flowers.

Bulbs are sized by their noses or tips. Look for the designations DN I or DN II when purchasing. This indicates that each bulb will produce one or two flowers.

When choosing bulbs, remember that a naturalizing group will bloom intermittently over a long period of time.

If you choose to go with one or two varieties, you will have most of your blooms at the

same time.

Planting daffodil flowers: Soil Requirements Soil which is not too dry is the best suitable soil for planting daffodils. The soil for planting the daffodils should be loose . Plant the daffodils about 5 to 8 inches deep in the soil. The exact depth to which the daffodil flowers will be planted depends upon the size of the bulb size. The larger bulbs will be planted deeper than the smaller bulbs . Leave a space of about 2 to 6 inches between each bulb.

Planting daffodil flowers: Use of fertilizers Adding fertilizers to daffodil flower plants is not an absolutely necessary. But adding fertilizers can be good for teh development of the daffodil flowers.

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