A flower arrangement draws people's attention and therefore, the location is extremely significant. You can set up an arrangement on the floor,on a piece of furniture,hanging near the door,hanging in the balcony,along the pillars and steps etc.

If you're guests will be using a first floor room, an arragement on the ground floor should look good from above. Small bunches in various areas is also not a bad idea.

Make them Last Longer!

By taking some simple Flower care tips or Flower care instructions you can make the flower arrangement last longer.

1. Choose long lasting flowers

Some flowers like flower care tulips, Flower care roses, iris, daffodils wither away very quickly and some like carnations, chrysanthemums, astermaria, last for a week to ten days. For the arrangement, in addition to keeping the color, size and shape of the flowers in mind, you should also think of how long the flowers will last and how many days you want the arrangement to remain.

2. Temperature

Keep the flowers away from your fire place or kitchen stove. Do not expose them to direct sunlight. Do not place them on a radiator cover or other appliances like ovens that give off heat.

3. Cut the stem properly

You should cut the stem in a slanting manner before placing it in a vase and watering it. This will help the

stem take in water easily and stay fresh longer.

4. Change water regularly

You need to change the water in the container everyday. This will help the stems get a fresh source of water and the flowers and leaves will stay fresh.

5. Use preservatives

There are some preservatives available with florists. Some deliver flowers with packets of preservatives with instructions on how to use them. Plants make their own food in sunlight using water and the green leaves. Even when they are cut from the plants and placed in a vase, buds will bloom. The cut Flower care will have some

store of food in it but not enough to last for a week. So by using the preservatives you can make them last longer.

6. Add a pinch of salt

By adding some salt to the water in the container you can make some of the Flower care last longer since salt acts as a preservative.