Understanding the subtle importance of the flower lotus: Lending to its uniqueness the flower lotus grows in murky waters and rises on long stalk above the surface to bloom glorious. Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. It also symbolizes the lost and final lotus- char a kamala

or lotus feet of the Almighty since the seeds have been found to last for thousands of years and still perfect for re-germination, it is a symbol of strong vital force that could withstand extremely adverse conditions. Through this site the viewers comes to know about history of the lotus flower. The lotus blossom flower can be wonderful. The flower lotus represents long life, health, honor and good luck. Especially in Buddhism, where this flower is valued very highly. It was this depth of thought that made the founding fathers of modern India enshrine the lotus in the constitution as the National Flower. colors of lotus flower are plenty.

Other uses of the flower lotus:

The seed, the leaf and the stem are edible and also can be used as a medicine.

About the Flower lotus: Elmo, sole member of botanical species Nelumbonaceae, consists of only tow kinds. The sacred lotus, Nelumbo nucefera is the Indian or Oriental lotus. Native to Southern Asia, it is found at attitudes of up to 1,600 meters. Found from South Eastern North America to Northern South America, the American lotus Nelumbo lutea lute has pale yellow scented blossoms smaller than those of the sacred lotus: “…a perennial plant growing from thick rhizome. Its rounded leaves can reach up to 50 cm. in diameter. The first leaves that appear, few in number, are flat and float on the surface. The pink lotus flower is most famous. They are followed by thicker; funnel- shaped leaves either slightly wavy edge that may stand from 50cm to 2 meters above the water. The leaves are coated with a film, upon which water forms magnificent, glittering droplets. The flower stalk rises above the leaves, ending in large, sweet-smelling, white or pink blooms which appear one at a time. Each flower lasts from 2 to 5 days and darkens with age.

Ranging in diameter from 15 to 25 cm, flower lotus are termed single when they have fewer than 25 petals,

semi-double if they have 25 to 50 petals and double if they have more. After blooming, the petals fall, leaving a cone- shaped seed head that resembles the rose of a watering can. Each of its 15 to 20 openings contains a fruit.”

It is interesting that the number of round scars on the rhizome corresponds to the age of the plant in years. Available either fresh or canned, it may be sliced longitudinally and served as refreshing vegetable.

The Lotus Foot: The bound and painfully mutilated feet of Chinese women of the upper classes were referred to as lotus feet because of their resemblance to the rhizomes or root-like structures of the flowers.

Roots: The Plant has its roots deep in the soil under water. The long, cylindrical stalk passes through the water and rises above the water’s surface. The mud in which the lotus roots grow represents material life, while the water through which the stalk passes represents the astral world. When the plant reaches the surface of the water and opens its bud to the Sun, it represents spiritual being.

The crown chakra—the energy center at the top of the head—is also called “The Thousand-Petalled Lotus”, which is a symbol of final revelation. It is believed that the transformation of the world into paradise can occur through the lotus, which expounds fully the oneness of all life. In Buddhist tradition, the fully-opened lotus has a strong solar character, and its petals are likened to the rays of the Sun; it is a symbol of enlightenment. The lotus flower design is available in good quality. In the Egyptian tradition; also, the same theme is repeated.

Traditional or Historical Uses:

Provides a relaxing, euphoric sensation. May help relieve muscle spasms. For some, it

may act as an aphrodisiac Egyptian Blue Lotus is a sedative, antispasmodic, and ethnogeny.

During Chinese New Year festivities, sugared lotus seeds are available as sweets. Also, according to one tradition, the wife who finds such a seeds inside a dumpling she is eating can be certain of bearing a son in the year to come.

As an Essence: Lotus also balances and amplifies the effects of other flower essences when used in a combination. It corrects emotional imbalances by allowing a gentle release of emotions. For example, a case of severe backache may be due to suppression of emotions and a storing of negative emotions and can be helped by the release of emotions through dreams. It is a good harmonizing essence for interpersonal relationships as well as for our connections with our animals.