Silk flower-its various uses.

We have often come across the saying “home sweet home”. It is one of our dearest abode in this world. A man may live in a five star hotel or in a luxurious suite but nothing can be dear to him than his home. While decorating their house, usually people are very choosy in selecting the objects. Flowers are one of the best items to decorate the house. Everyone likes to bring nature home and decorate the houses with natural flowers. As it is said good things never last for long similarly, fresh flowers wither after few days. This is where the artificial flower or the silk flower comes in to the picture. “Silk flower arrangement” are now easily available that adds elegance to the décor. Though an artificial flower can never replace the freshness of a natural flower still it fulfills the dream of decorating our houses with flowers that will never wither.

Today’s man is so busy with his life that, he doesn’t even have time to stand and look around. Now a days man and woman have an equal right to earn their livelihood. 80% of women are careerist. It’s a rare instant where we can find a woman who can strike a balance between her professional and personal life. Initially, woman used to stay at home working all the day in order to decorate her house, taking care of her children and so on. Now, they don’t even have time to talk to their family members properly. Silk flower arrangement help these busy homemakers by reducing their labor. Going to the market on their way back home they can buy any “silk flower arrangement” to serve their ends. There are specific artificial flower arrangements for specific situations. For instance, in order to express the feelings to one’s loved ones there is an arrangement of silk flower roses which will not only convey the message but also will be ever fresh.

In weddings using real flowers often exceeds the budget. There are also others who are staunch naturalists and hate the thought of plucking flowers for ornamental purposes. In such situations the silk flowers solve the problem. If one plans to have silk flowers in the wedding then, one can order bouquets far in advance of the wedding. Coordinating with the florist to have fresh cut flowers delivered to the wedding venue is just one pressure at the time of marriage.

Another problem is if the flowers are not like one envisioned then, it becomes too late to change. Ordering silk flower bouquets in advance for instance as early as six months leaves one with enough time to ask for changes or to order extra pieces. There are artificial flower arrangements to be sewn onto the bride’s gown or placed in her tiara. There are specific flower arrangements for decorating the table where the guest dine and so on. Guests at times carry home this artificial flower arrangement as a token of the wedding. The artificial flower arrangement has made things easier for man in this busy world. Just a bit of care will keep the flowers ever fresh, ever new. It will keep the memory of that special day always breathing.

Silk flower arrangement” is much preferred than the other artificial flower arrangements because, they are more realistic when compared to the other artificial flowers. Other artificial flowers like paper flowers don’t last for long. Clay flowers or plastic flowers don’t possess the elegant look like that of the silk flower and are fragile. Silk flowers have conquered the market of artificial flower. Its beauty, elegance, availability has won over the heart of millions. For instance, Mr. X is out of the country and wants to send a bouquet of fresh red roses to his wife back at home. By the time she receives the roses they are shrunken. Thus, it is better for Mr. X to go for artificial silk roses other than real ones to convey the message to his wife. If one needs some chrysanthemums in the month of July, then silk chrysanthemum is ready at the florist.

Many people make silk flowers at home as a hobby, but it is not an easy task. It has to be done immaculately with a great deal of attention given to all the petals, the stem, the stamen and the carpals. It requires dedication, perseverance and hard work. Now a day it has become one of the most ever evolving cottage industries. People are well aware of the growing demand of these artificial flowers. When they saw that, they could generate a surplus then the best way is to start a business. Making flower arrangements doesn’t require any academic qualifications. Thus, even an illiterate person can start this business. Only a clear vision to perceive the beauty and order is necessary. Government has promoted various institutes to teach this craft to people, especially rustic people so that they can make a living out of this handicraft.

Silk flower arrangement” has opened new vistas in front of everyone. Guests are coming and you want to make the arrangements in advance Just drop in to the florists and get the artificial flower arrangement of your choice. Time is the most valuable thing in today’s world. People are so busy in the rat race that they do not have time at all. These artificial flower arrangements apart from saving money are also saving time. Now, one doesn’t have to worry about arranging flowers after getting them from the market. Arrangement of flowers in proper order is very important or else they spoil the whole ambience. More than silk flowers, it is the arrangement of those flowers that is important. Else getting the flowers from the market, then arranging them would have been a long drawn process. It’s also serving as some people’s livelihood who doesn’t have proper education to get a job. Flower is a beautiful creation of God. When such a divine gift can be used in such an innovative way, it only enhances the importance of the divine gift.