The attractive flower, in addition with their nature and colors, increases our enhancement mood. They are a simple and genuine way to lift our feelings. They can bring a smile to everyone face who has been unwell or having a rough day. The blossom of flowers has a philosophical impact on ones state of mind and feelings. Flowers activate thoughts of happiness and help us manage with anger and pain. They also used for make us stay peaceful and stress-free. For example just think a beautiful flower, visualize it in your mind, smell the fragrance it throws off. Just an imagination brings you relaxation.

There are many special event flower bouquets, which can be sent for various celebrations to show others recognize that they are in your thoughts. It is very easy to purchase fresh flowers online and each one delights receiving them. These can be sent wherever and delivered instantly to the destination of your wish. Flowers are simple and economical way to celebrating any occasions. The most attractive flowers will make your days as wonderful days in your life.

State Flower

States of some countries have a flower as their State Flower, generally a native flower that originated in their own environmental provinces, regardless of having a National Flower. Every state has its own state flower, which is the representation of that state.

Alabama State Flower:

Camellia is a variety of evergreen bushes or trees of the tea family Theaceae, originated from subtropical Asia.

The Camellia is the Alabama State Flower known as an ornamental flower. The general Camellia is assorted as Camellia japonica.

Camellia is an easy to plant evergreen blooming bush with many uses, fantastic austerity, and an excellent loveliness. Camellias are eye-catching because of their flowers, silky leaves and wonderful form. Camellias are greatly treasured in Japan. Alabama’s state flower, Camellia is the only representation not native to Alabama.

Camellia flowers are bulky and beautiful, 1-12 cms in diameter, with 5-9 petals. Camellias are having many colors from white to pink and red, and yellow in a few kinds. There are six various varieties of Camellia flowers. Camellia varieties are classified into three forms: Simple, Double, and Incomplete double camellias.

California State Flower:

The Golden Poppy or California Poppy is the California State Flower. Golden Poppy is perennial and former wild flower to grow in gardens. The Golden Poppy is more gorgeous when planting California's rolling hills reddened with its golden blooms. Golden Poppy is also otherwise known as the Flame Flower.

Golden Poppy flowers are 2-3 inch cups of gold, bronze, scarlet, terra cotta, rose or white. Golden Poppy bloom on embeds with silvery green foliage, on a foot far above the ground and regularly wider than they are tall. Golden Poppy flowers are planted in February to September. The Golden Poppy blooms are 1-2 inches across, with four broad fan-shaped petals, and many stamens.

Florida State Flower:

Orange blossom is the Florida’s State Flower. These flowers look like most citruses, which has native to subtropical Southeast Asia. The orange blossom was chosen as a state flower on Nov.15, 1909. The orange blossom is one of the most attractive flowers in Florida.

Orange blossom is the ceraceous, white blossom of the orange tree. Orange blossom are very aromatic. The Orange blossoms bud in bunches of 1-6 during in spring and result in oranges the subsequent autumn or winter. Last year's oranges are still on the trees when the new Orange blossoms are blossoming.

Orange blossoms are everlasting, with five petals and sepals. The petals on the Orange blossom are elongate, often curved lengthwise, and thick. The sepals blend at bottom of the Orange blossom to shape a small cup. Stamens on the Orange blossom number 20-25, and are set in a rigid, columnar whorl around the gynoeciums.

A spherical, green ovary in the Orange blossom subtends a thin style, which finishes in a pronounced, donut-shaped stigma. The ovary on the Orange blossom is combining with 10-14 locules in the major commercial varieties. The arrangement of the ovary is finer, and subtended by elevated nectary disc on the Orange blossom. The Orange blossoms are abided in axillary cymes. Orange blossom is the only state flower from which a commercial fragrance is prepared.

Mississippi State Flower:

Southern Magnolia was formally elected as the Mississippi State Flower in 1952. Magnolias trees have huge aromatic white flowers and evergreen foliage that make them one of the most grand forest trees and a much-admired ornamental plant. Magnolia is seen in the Coastal Plains of Southeastern United States.

Magnolia is a large variety of about 210 blossoming plant species in the subcategory of Magnolioideae of the family Magnoliaceae. The species Magnolia is separated into subgenus Magnolia and Yuvalia. Magnolia flowers are having a pleasant smell and come into view during the spring and summer. The Magnolia flowers do not have real petals and sepals but are framed of petal-like tepals.

Magnolia flowers grow at the end of the tree's branches. Magnolia flowers are cup shaped and are originated alone. Magnolia is a naturally showy, perfumed flower that is white, pink, purple, green, or yellow. The Magnolia flowers are having red or pink fruits showing red, orange, or pink seeds, each of which hangs from the fruit by a thread-like fiber. Magnolias blossom from April to June, after the ending of their seventh year of growth.

Indiana State Flower:

The Peony is the Indiana State flower. The Peony was selected as the state flower by the General Assembly in 1957. Peony is tremendously popular for ornamenting gravesites for commemoration day and is grow up extensively throughout the state. Peony flowers are widely grown as decorative plants for their very large, often fragrant cut flowers.

Peony is an herbaceous perennial, with 30 species, but a few are woody shrubs with 10 species. Peony is growing up in Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. Peony is the oldest plant cultivated in Indiana.

The Peony's beautiful, large blossoms, often fragrant, make excellent cut flowers and the foliage provides a

background for annuals or other perennials.

The Peony features five or more bulk outer petals named guard petals. The Peony plant grows large, fragrant flowers in mix of red to white or yellow in spring and light pink to magenta in summer.


The people in any state respected their state symbols like state flowers and state trees, etc. These flowers are the representation of a particular state in the National garland of flowers.