Tropical flower arrrangment


Tropical Flower Arrangement of Kauai:

Kauai grown Flowers: Kauai Treasure is so similar to ‘Kauai Morning Sun’ that they may very well be siblings. Inflorescence colors, morphology (physical characteristics) and plant habit are all very similar. The tropical flower arrangment is easy. The primary difference is that the bracts of ‘Kauai Treasure’ are a tint redder and the rachis a little darker yellow than ‘Kauai Morning Sun’. Also, although’ Kauai Morning Sun’ had higher flower yields in the first two years ‘Kauai Treasure’ surpassed it significantly by the third year, and through the fifth year of the trial.



Garden Island Fuzzy Pink: has an erect, light-bodied inflorescence with fuzzy, deep pink bracts and medium length rachis, with sparingly, but nicely concentrating white markings. There appears just a faint hint of orange within the rosy pink bracts- this subtle orange undertone is quite unique in an orthotricha. It has outstanding field hardness. Vase- life averages 20 days.

Tropical Flower Arrangement care Instructions

• Soak flowers in tap water for 15 minutes (except Fuzzy type protea and cymbidium orchids)

• While flowers are submerged in water, cut ½ inch off from the end of thee stem at a 45 degree angle. This insures that the water is drawn into the entire stem to help keep the flower fresh.

• Create your beautiful tropical flower arrangement.

• Clip stems a ½ inch and change water every 2 to 3 days. This enables water back into the stem to hydrate Tropical Flower Arrangement and improve longevity.

Hawaiian Flower Leis

In Hawaii the lei is the symbolic of admiration for loved ones, and esteem for oneself. The tropical flower arrangement is the art of decorating beautiful flowers. Extremely diverse and beautiful, leis are made and given for any occasion

or special ceremony in Hawaii, whether it be for school achievement, church and religious activities, memorial services or just to express warmth and friendship. Flower arrangement of tropical flowers is great.

There are varieties of Lies available such as Single and Double Dendrobium Orchid Leis, Vanda Leis, Haku style head leis, Ti Leaf and Maile Leis. The tropical flower arrangement can be learned easily. Arrangement of tropical flowers is fast. The colors available are white, tutone or purple for Dendrobium leis, and purple for Vanda leis. Hawaiian grown Orchid leis are extremely popular un Hawaii and very sturdy with a subtle fragrance making them the ideal gift.

Lei Care Instruction:

After receiving leis, spray lightly with water to moisten them. You don’t want them

dripping wet. Put them into a plastic bag and place them in your vegetable bin of your refrigerator (if not freezing cold), or out in a cool garage. Tropical flower decoration is excellent. The best temperature to store them is around 53-55 degrees F. They should last for 3-5 days.




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