Crucial to any wedding are wedding flowers. They not only set the mood and tone for the event, but also contribute to the atmosphere of love and embody the beauty and promise of joining two lives together. They add beauty, color, style, and charisma to any wedding. The beauty of the flowers enhances the wedding from beginning to end.

History of wedding flowers

Since the beginning of time, flowers have been used to convey emotions and allure. Before the use of flowers in the bridal bouquet, women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs, and grains to drive evil spirits away. Over time, these were replaced with flowers, symbolizing fertility, fidelity, and everlasting love.

Many floral traditions are rooted in the Victorian era, when writers developed a "language of flowers" where every flower had a symbolic meaning. Though the style of wedding flowers has blossomed through the ages, one thing has remained the same.Flowers occupy a significant place in the union of two hearts before God.


A bride needs to put a lot of thought into floral arrangements for her wedding. Putting together a list of wedding flowers she'll need will help her plan her budget better.

» Bridal Bouquet

» Bride's Throw Away

» Bouquets for the maid of honor and bridesmaids

» Flower Girl Bouquet or Basket

» Floral Headpieces

» Flower girl basket decorations

» Flowers or petals for the flower basket

» Groom's boutonniere

» Boutonniere for the best man

» Boutonnieres for the fathers and for the male attendants

» Corsages for the mothers

» Main Altar Flowers

» Altar steps

» Aisle/ Pew arrangements

» Floral Arch

» Window Ledges

» Columns

» Head Table Centerpiece

» Centerpieces for each table

» Guest book table

» Entryway arrangements

» Buffet table decorations

» Decorations and centerpieces for the reception site

» Arrangement Next to Seating Cards

» Cake decorations

» Live Flowers for wedding cake

» Flowers to decorate passed trays

» Loose flowers

» Bar decorations

» Thank You Bouquet for Bride's Parents

» Thank You Bouquet for Groom's Parents


If you like to make the wedding flowers purchase yourself to cut cost, you may buy from any of these sources:

The Wholesale Market: These can be easily located in large metropolitan areas. Make inquiries about these markets in your area. Collect information on the days, and hours when they may be open to the public. Find out if the vendors will take an order for your flowers.

Farmer's Markets: Some cities have farmer's markets where fresh flowers are sold. Browse the prices and selection. Select a vendor and place your order with him.

Grocery Stores: If you are planning a small wedding, you may even order the flowers from the floral department of your local grocery store. They may provide you with decorative pieces, bouquets, and flowers at a reasonable cost.

Mail Order -- There are some wonderful mail order sources for flowers today. You can order with them but make sure to inquire about the expense of shipping, delivery time and the condition of the flowers.

Local Florists -- This is a great source for flowers. You may find the best service and they will supply the flowers according to your specification but it may be a bit too expensive.

Or if you would like a professional touch, you can hire a floral designer who will shop or ship the flowers you need for a price.

Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Flower Colors

When choosing the flowers, look for colors that complement the dress patterns, the style, and the general color scheme of the wedding. The flowers you select for your wedding should be a reflection of your taste.

The colors of the season also come into play in decisions about flowers. Spring and summer wedding flowers lend themselves to pale colors and bright, vibrant tones. Rich, earthy colors, such as amber, burgundy, and rust are best for a fall wedding. If you want a winter wedding, create a sensation by opting for those evergreens, silver, crystal-and, of course, a wonderland of white.

Some brides pick their favorites or follow the long-standing tradition of an all-white decoration symbolizing purity.

But nowadays, Colorful blooms, with lavenders and plums are preferred by brides. Bold and powerful arrangements dominate over the traditionally romantic.

Seasonal Flowers

Many flowers can now be obtained out of season because they are grown in greenhouses and are imported from other parts of the world. However, seasonal flowers are more likely to be fresher and you may pay somewhat less for it than if you opt for out of season exotic flowers.

Let’s now look at some of the seasonal flowers:


• Aster

• Daisy

• Hydrangea

• Peony

• Calla Lilies

• Dahlias

• Lily, Asiatic

• Pansy


• Tulips

• Daffodils

• Lilac

• Violet

• Amaryllis

• Apple blossom

• Forsythia

• Freesia

• Cherry Blossom

• Iris

• Wax flower


• Chrysanthemum

• Gerbera daisy

• Zinnia

• Cosmos

• Scabiosa

• Coreopsis


• Poinsettia

• Holly Berries

• Ivy

• Holly

Easy To Get All Year

• Rose

• Orchid

• Baby's Breath

• Bachelor's Button

• Carnation

• Gardenia

• Gladiolus

• Lily of the Valley

• Stephanotis

It is good to use seasonal flowers as it sets the mood for the celebration.

Fragrance is also a crucial criterion and is becoming a rage. Some of these fragrant flowers include peonies, gardenias, stephanotis, and tuberoses. Certain flowers have special meanings and you might wish to include them in your bouquet, as a tender message to your loved one.

With flowers, you can add a special touch and provide a unique look to your wedding décor. So it is very important to select the right kind of flowers for the occasion.

Fresh Flowers/ Silk Flowers

Modern brides have yet another choice before them, whether to choose silk or fresh flowers for their wedding day. Traditionally, fresh flowers dominated the wedding celebration because the scent of fresh flowers fill the air with sweetness and empower the emotions.

However, fresh flowers are:

» Extremely expensive

» They fade and wilt soon

» They are seasonal.

» Preserving them is a costly process

» Some people may have allergic reactions to fresh flowers

» You cannot receive them in advance of the ceremony

On the other hand, Silk Flowers are becoming more and more popular these days. They

look, feel and even smell realistic. You can get the flowers of your choice at a much lesser price and they can be preserved for a lifetime. Neither are they allergenic.

But, Silk Flowers:

» Lack exquisite detailing

» Are not traditional

» Do not create an opulent feeling

» Do not look so good in photographs, especially in close-up

» Are no match for the real thing

There's much to consider when deciding whether to use fresh flowers or silk. Just keep in mind cost, quantity, attributes, quality, and time. Ask around for others opinions if you are not sure.