Bridal Bouquet


A beautiful bridal bouquet is the perfect compliment to any bridal attire. The perfect bouquet should enhance the beauty of the bride and her gown and not overpower it. The silk bridal bouquet is been prepared with unique flower designs.

Consider the color scheme of your wedding, color of your hair and your complexion before you decide upon the colors of your flowers. If you have dark hair and/or skin, then you should choose dark and rich colored flowers. If you have light hair and fair skin, then choose softer and lighter colors. The calla lily bridal bouquet is the best gifted flower bouquet.

A "traditional" bridal bouquet is designed with white and cream colors so that it does not draw attention away from the bride and her wedding gown! But today many brides prefer deep floral colors like orange, burgundy, gold, violet, and

pink. Wedding flower bridal bouquet is the perfect gift. Blue is still a very trendy color for flowers, especially when paired with purple. Subdued colors such as taupe tinged with pink are also extremely popular. Some modern style bouquets consist of large, yellow sunflowers, or many different kinds of colorful flowers.

Always carry a sample of fabric from the bride's dress to the florist for matching colors. Even if the bride has a white wedding dress, this will come handy as whites can vary in their shade and intensity. There are many companys which teaches howt to make bridal bouquet.

four different color schemes are widely used:

1) Monochromatic: Bouquets made up of only one kind of flower. The arrangement consists of different tints, tones, and shades of only one color.

2) Complementary: Bouquets made up of colors, which are opposite but are harmonious by contrast to each other.

3) Analogous: This color scheme consists of at least three different colors all of which must be adjacent to each

other on the color wheel

4) Triadic harmony scheme: In this type of scheme, three colors that are the same distance apart on the color wheel are used.

You can play around with colors and find a combination that you like best. Adding unusual elements to the bouquet such as feathers, crystals on a wire, or leaves washed in silver or gold are also a good idea.

It is a nice idea to choose seasonal shades for your wedding, to create a stunning visual effect.

» Spring ¡V White, paler shade of pinks, yellow, blues, lilac, and greens

» Summer ¡VRich Vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, red, pink, gold, hazy purple and green

» Autumn - Shades of brown, yellow, gold, cream, russet (reddish-brown), burnt orange and red.

» Winter - Forest green, strong dark red, russet, orange, gold, and snow white or ultra modern like silver and ice blue.

The Victorian influence is also becoming more popular. Flowers with inert meanings and romantic, soft colored blooms are also becoming a rage.


The perfect bridal bouquet needs to fit the style of your dress. And as for the shape, it must be simple and elegant. There are several classic shapes of bouquet; some of the basic designs are¡K

1) Cascade (Trailing Waterfall): The most traditional and formal style for the bridal bouquet. This bridal bouquet flows downward and may have a blossom or two suspended by its own stem or a ribbon presentation. The bouquet has the appearance of being loose and free flowing. The length of the cascade can vary, from just long enough to cover the hands to touching the floor. This type complements a full-skirted or elaborate ball-gown-style wedding dress.

2) The Nosegay or Round Cluster Bouquet: A nosegay is a small, compact bouquet. This can be created with all the same variety of flowers or a mix with no greenery between the blooms.

3) The Hand-tied or Loose-tied Bouquet: A little less formal than the others. The bouquet is put together with a cluster of flowers tied at the stems, usually with the exposed stems showing. This arrangement has a fresh, natural appeal and a casual simplicity that appeals to most brides. It gives the illusion of just having been handpicked from the garden.

4) Presentation Bouquet: This bouquet is also known as pageant bouquet. It features a gathering of long-stemmed flowers that are held in the crook of the arm. A ribbon or bow is generally used to keep the bouquet together.

5) Round Bouquet: This is a simple, elegant and traditional bouquet of flowers that can

designed as a tight cluster for a denser look or loosely arranged for an "airy" feel and has no trailing elements. Such bouquets might consist of a single type of flower in the same or related colors or it might include several different varieties of flowers. The bridal bouquet idea is the best flower presentation.

The bride's flowers should also conform to the proportions of the bride. Long trailing bouquets make you look slimmer because they draw the eye downwards, while wide bouquets draw attention to the hips. Also, large bridal bouquet suit formal, long dresses or elaborate ball gowns while smaller bouquets or even a single bloom are more in proportion with a knee-length dress.


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