Business Gift Essentials – Flowers as great business gifts.

Everyone has heard it – there is never a second chance to make a first impression. Nowhere is this expression truer than the world of business. And that is why nearly everyone associated with the corporate world, at one time or the other, give business gifts. Some have to do it day in and day out. A business has to give gifts to its customers, employees, clients, managers. The reasons for this gift-giving spree by businesses are too many to be listed here, but usually include reasons such as –

• Thanking customers • Developing business relations • Recognition of employees commendable performance • Celebrating company’s latest IPO.

Since everyone likes receiving gifts, they generally make a very favorable impression on the recipient. This explains why studies have shown time and again that businesses that make a habit of giving gifts to all those who are critical to their survival and growth, usually find it a lot easier to achieve their objectives.

Keep in mind these points.

If such is the kind of importance placed on business gifts, therefore a few points must be kept while giving these gifts.

When looking for a gift, first of all keep in mind who you intend to give this gift. Who are the recipients Are they your customers, employees, clients, managers Secondly, what is the occasion that has made this gift-purchase imperative There are a whole lot of occasions where you can give gifts to delight the other party, such as – • New products introduction • Trade shows • Consumer incentives • Employees gifts • Sales meeting • Sales incentives

Needless to mention, your budget per recipient is a critical parameter in determining your choice of gift. When giving a business gift, try not to give something very personal, you don’t want anything to be misconstrued. People usually choose those items as business gifts that can be used for a long time and thereby keep reminding the recipient, who gave the gift. Some all time favorite business gifts include – clocks, desk items and gift certificates. However, if you know that the recipient has a passion for a certain activity, a more personalized gift can be chosen. For example, if you know that the recipient just loves golf, you can very well buy a golf related gift. Another important decision related to business gifts is whether to put your company logo on the gift or not While you may feel very happy seeing your company logo on a gift, will the recipient appreciate it The logo may or may not look appropriate on a gift. A recipient may not use an otherwise very useful gift if there is company logo on it, thereby advertising to each and everyone that this is a gift recipient received. Then again, if you are giving a carefully chosen gift which is guaranteed to make an impression and will be used for a long time, where is the need for putting your company logo on such a gift Each the gift will be used; it will remind the recipient about you. However, if you are giving gifts to your employees, there is usually no harm in putting your company logo on it. Another point to be observed in relation to business gifts- Avoid giving gifts with a religious overtone. Staying generic is the best way to go here.

Flowers – the all-time favorite gift.

We have been blessed with millions of species of flowers, most of them too beautiful to be described in simple words. Trying to describe the beauty of flowers is a task best left to poets; we will confine ourselves to more mundane issues. Out of these millions of flowers, many of them have always been people’s preferred choice as gifts. Most people know the basics of flowers as gifts – you gift roses for courtship, you gift pansies for garden, and so on. Flowers make such great gifts for a wide variety of occasions because they are beautiful, inexpensive and always manage to express the entire gamut of human emotions. They have a language of their own, more subtle and refined than the written or spoken words. You want to show your dedication to the God or King, flowers will speak on your

behalf, you want to express love or courtship, gift flowers and they will convey your emotions to your suitor in an unspoken, beautiful way. In fact, there is a subject of “florigraphy”, that is flower-giving as a language. A whole lot of people have even written a whole lot of books on the subject of “florigraphy”. It will not be out of place here to mention an interesting event in the long history of flowers as gifts. In the Victorian era, “tussie mussie” were the preferred way for suitors to convey courtship. “Tussie mussie” is a small arrangement of flowers in a small vase and always conveyed to the loved one a beautiful meaning in the language of flowers. The significance of flowers as gifts, the messages they convey and the emotions they stir has not changed at all, to this day.

Flowers- perfect business gift.

Today, numerous florists and gift companies are provide online services. Just log on to the internet and you can buy customized gift baskets, customized flower bouquet, flower vase, gift plants and a whole lot more. When you buy flowers as business gifts from these websites, many of these gift services ensure same day delivery and a freshness care system to make sure that flowers are always delivered fresh. They offer additional benefits like a wide product selection, product customization, special event promotions and gift certificates. Many of these gift services offer free delivery on flower bouquets, flower vases and flower gift baskets. They have online florists to help you choose

flowers and floral arrangements. You can also check out designer flowers. Apart from flowers, you can choose from a wide variety of money trees, orchids and bonsai trees. The price range of these floral gifts is pretty wide – starting from $29.99 and going all the way up to maybe $159.99. Another attractive and innovative floral gift is sending a virtual bouquet via e-mail. Most of the online florists provide this service FREE. Just log on to their website and build your virtual bouquet complete with flowers, accents, a beautiful vase and a lovely message. However, if you want only the real thing, just check out their same-day flower delivery collection. So, the next time you are wondering what to buy as a business gift, don’t head towards the market, head towards your computer and buy flowers online.