Anniversary Bouquet


Flowers speak louder than words:

If actions speak louder than words, then the mere act of gifting flowers says a lot more. Human relations offer a host of occasions for gifting one another flowers, and sometimes there need not be any occasion at all! Gifting someone a bunch of bright colored flowers brings a smile to one’s face.

Of all the relationships, one of the most meaningful occasions is when husband and wife celebrate their anniversary over the years. Just as there are bouquets meant for a sweetheart, for mother’s day, for the bride on her wedding, there are bouquets for anniversaries too. If during a proposal a red rose did the trick, then why should the anniversary bouquet be left behind

Many a times simple emotions slip away, especially when a couple who have been married for a year or more may not take the trouble to buy each other flowers for special occasions. In fact, gifting flowers in an ambience such as a romantic dinner for two at the poolside with a live band, creates a wonderful concoction. One needs to be young at heart, age no bar! Even in this materialistic world, flowers speak a language of emotions and feelings.

In this fast moving world, even if one of you is traveling on your anniversary you can make arrangements for ordering flowers online to be delivered at your doorstep. This will add a tinge of romance for all ages.

In fact, the very act of proclaiming one’s love for a lady goes back to the Victorian epoch where the men courted damsels with bouquets – where every flower in the bouquet meant something. Thus started the long lasting fragrances of romance over the flowers’ bloom! You can pick his/her favorite color flowers to make the anniversary extra special. In fact, by knowing the meaning of a particular flower, you could create a bouquet which will be personalized and an expression of your feelings.

For instance, flowers such as – Violet – signifies truthfulness Rose – stands for love Sweet pea- for delight, and Tulip – for fervor

Now for the colors -

Red flowers • Red stands intense emotions such as passion, and seduction. • It’s pulsating and exciting. • Overall it signifies romance, and deep rooted love. • It also symbolizes family ties. Types of flowers: But obvious – red roses, red carnations, red chrysanthemums, red camellias do wonders. Arrangement: Simply put, a bouquet of pure red roses can do the trick. Or else, get the bouquet arranged in such a manner that each flower signifies something, of which red is the symbol of love.

Pink flowers • Pink symbolizes new beginnings – a brand new start. • It expresses sweet longings, innocence, and gentleness. • It has a soothing and a calming effect. • It symbolizes both friendship, and puppy love. Types of flowers: Pink camellia, pink dahlias, and pink roses.

Yellow flowers • Yellow is a sign of friendship. • It signifies hope, optimism, and happiness. • It also symbolizes courage, and cheerfulness. Types of flowers: To begin with, yellow roses are perfect. Other options are – yellow carnations look mischievous and bright, and so do yellow chrysanthemums.

Orange flowers • Orange suggests grandiosity. • It signifies affinity and poise. • It also symbolizes longing. Types of flowers: Marigold, African daisies, orange lilies, and orange tulips.

White flowers • Needless to say, it symbolizes tranquility, and purity. • It signifies true innocent love, and adoration. • It is the most widely used flowers in weddings. Types of white flowers: White camellia, white carnations, white chrysanthemums, and white gladiolas.

Blue flowers It’s an usual shade for flowers but this makes an even more exotic and special bouquet for your anniversary. It may not be easy to find blue flowers, but that’s the best part where you try and get the most exquisite flowers for your spouse. • This shade symbolizes stability, harmony, and peace. • It exudes honesty, confidence, and security. • It also signifies spirituality, faithfulness, and humility. Types of blue flowers: Blue bell, blue periwinkles, blue violet to name a few.

In fact there is a type of flower meant for every wedding anniversary you celebrate!

For instance, the first wedding anniversary bouquet calls for the pansy, the fifth is the daisy, the tenth the daffodils, and the list goes on. For a silver jubilee anniversary, it’s the beautiful iris flower, while for the golden jubilee it’s the violet which signifies faithfulness.

Anniversary bouquets mean a lot more when you personally pick and choose the best color flowers from the flower shop or from your lawn. Once you select the flowers you could write in a note what each flower and its color signifies. In addition, you could get the flowers tied in satin ribbons or a gift accompanied with it is just fine.

Here’ a anniversary bouquet that you can personally create for your spouse.
1) Select the number of red roses for the number of years you have spent together. That is the basis of marriage – pure, deep-rooted love. If it’s your first anniversary, then use 12 red roses, one for each month of the year! For instance, if it’s your fifth wedding anniversary, take five red roses.
2) With five red roses, place three yellow and three orange flowers signifying cheerfulness, friendship, and longing.
3) Add two white flowers in between for innocence and adoration, and two blue flowers for faithfulness, and security.
4) Not forgetting the pink flowers, a couple of them in the bouquet reminding you that each day is a new day, and a fresh start to the wonderful companionship we call – marriage.

The style in which the flowers are arranged should never go unnoticed. Let your feelings flow into the flowers so that the instance your spouse receives the anniversary bouquet, he/she will know exactly how you feel.


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