Flowers are the most essential component to any wedding. Whether you are planning a simple wedding or a flamboyant one, you need flowers to add color to the festivities. After deciding on the flowers you need for the wedding, you will be plagued with another question- Should you hire someone to do the decorations or should you do it your self doing your own decorations will ease your budget. However, you must remember that most of the decorations are done the day before and the morning of the wedding when the couple and their families are at their busiest. So in order to save themselves from the ordeal most brides prefer wedding flowers to employ floral designers to handle the decorations.


Hiring a florist / floral designers to handle the arrangements can benefit you in the following ways:

» It gives a professional touch to the whole affair

» Florists can help you in choosing the right flowers within your budget

» They can help you to decide on the theme of the wedding

» You can entrust the job to them and concentrate on other affairs

» It will save you a lot of time

» They can find the wedding flowers that will complement the dress, color scheme of the wedding

» It will also keep you stress free


On the other hand, most floral designers charge exorbitant prices. You will no doubt be contended on the day of the wedding- feeling like a princess amid all those beautiful flowers. The next day will bring you nightmares in the form of a fat bill.

Similarly, if you make the mistake of choosing an unprofessional florist to handle the arrangements, you will end up with wilted flowers or dried flowers. They may end up spoiling the wedding flowers decor and thereby your perfect day.

Finding a florist

Selecting a florist and the wedding flowers are one of the most important decisions a bride needs to take.

To find a florist who can give shape to your vision, you must:

• Talk to your friends and family

• Talk to former brides

• Talk to the person at the ceremony site or reception site for the names of companies that have decorated that space for previous weddings.

• Check with your ceremony and reception sites to find out if flowers are included in their wedding package

• Visit bridal shows

• Interview at least two-four florists

• Visit at least three different florists

• Enquire about their availability

After short listing some potential florists, Visit them personally and-

• Ask to see the floral designs album that contain ample photos of their previous work to understand the florists skill

• Make sure that the florists shows you pictures of his recent work

• Look at the arrangements on display in their shop to see if you like the colors and patterns

• Check the wedding flowers in the shop to see if they are healthy and fresh.

• Find out how receptive the designer is to your ideas

• Check whether they follow the current trends in colors and patterns in their arrangements.

• Ask them for a sample arrangement

• Make sure to talk to the florist who will personally handle your arrangements

• Find out if you feel comfortable with your florist.

• Find out if the florist is committed to working within your style and price range

• Enquire whether they will be able to order, rent, or coordinate aisle runners, potted plants, and containers.

• Find out whether the florist knows the locations where the ceremony and reception will be held because it helps if the florist is already familiar with the site.

• Find out if the florist will be able to provide you with alternatives and is willing to work within your budget.

• Find out if the florist will be able to supply you with your desired flowers and look in any season

• Ensure that the florist will guarantee the work, freshness, on time delivery and placement of your flowers

• Ask them about the payment schedule.

• Enquire about delivery schedules or set-up times

When to Book Your Florist

You can start looking for a florist about 6 to 8 months before your wedding, and book them about 4 to 6 months before your wedding day. But if the florist is popular or you are marrying during wedding season, you may have to start your reservations earlier.

Before hiring a florist, you need to:

• Choose the day, date and time of your wedding

• Choose and secure the reception site and ceremony site

• Choose your wedding theme and colors

• Decide on the level of formality

• You'll need to know approximately how many guests you are having

• Choose the bridal gown and bridesmaids' dresses

• Make a list of all the flowers and arrangements you need such as bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres etc.

• Enquire with the people at the ceremony site about their policies regarding flowers and wedding decorations.

• Think in advance about the flower budget

What to Bring To an Appointment

» Photos of flowers and arrangements you like and ideas for bouquets, centerpieces, cakes, headdresses etc.

» Drawings or pictures of the Ceremony and reception sites

» Swatches and photos of Bridal gown and bridesmaids' dresses

» A list of the guests for the wedding and reception

» Info on the time, day, date and location of the wedding

» Quotes from other florists

» List of all flowers and arrangements that is needed

» An estimate of your Budget

» List of the exact type of flowers you want and alternatives.

» List of flowers that the bride or the groom is allergic to or flowers they dislike

» Ideas for the wedding theme and colors

» Information on the level of formality of the wedding

Questions to ask florists

• Do you prefer traditional arrangements or the contemporary trendy ones

• What ideas do you have for the wedding

• Can you show me photos of the previous work of the person who will be handling the wedding decorations

• Do you have any pictures of your work at my wedding/reception location

• Is the florist familiar with your reception and ceremony locations

• How many weddings and events will the florist book on the day/weekend of your wedding

• How large will the arrangements be

• What type of centerpieces do you recommend

• What exactly will be included in the various floral arrangements, bouquets, etc.

• How much will the flowers that I want cost

• Is it possible to reuse the ceremony flowers as reception decorations

• When will you purchase the flowers intended for the wedding

• Will you transport the flowers to the venue

• What is the transportation fee

• Do they need a map for the different delivery locations

• Is the delivery and setup included in the price

• Are there any other additional or hidden costs

• What flowers are in season for the date

• Do you have rental supplies of aisle runners, potted plants, and urns

• What flowers will best stand up under the weather conditions

• What time will the flowers be delivered to each location

• Can you change the order if I have another idea What's the last date for new ideas

• How soon do I need to put down a deposit to reserve your services

• What is the minimum deposit

• What is your cancellation policy

• What is the exact date your deposit is due

Once you decide that the florist will be a perfect choice, get it all on paper. The contract should include:

» Date, time and location of your ceremony and reception

» The number and descriptions of each arrangement, with prices

» Your name, address and phone number

» The name, address, and phone number of your floral designer

» Address and contact numbers of the venues

» Arrival times and time of setup

» Total cost and payment terms plus tax, delivery and other fees

» Deposit made and amount owed

» Date for the last payment

» Cancellation and refund policies