The wedding bouquets showcase your tastes and standing in society. Be it bouquet for the bride, bride's throwaway, bridesmaids, Maid of Honor and the flower girl; or boutonnieres for the groom, groom’s father, bride’s father, grandfathers, the Best Man, ushers and the ring bearer; or the corsages for the bride's mother, groom's mother and grandmothers; or even the flower arrangements at the main altar and the reception tables; flowers have the power to transform dull spaces into beautiful personality-filled ones. Despite this, you often neglect and mostly delegate the choice and arrangement of flowers to others for your wedding.

wedding bouquets : Flowers and trends

It is usually your pocket that dictates what type of flowers you can afford for your wedding and beautiful

wedding bouquets. However, it is essential to know the latest trends in order to arrive at a budget. The silk wedding bouquet is famous. After all, you can’t let your style ‘wilt’ just because of wrong choice of flowers.

Like everything else, wedding flowers too follow fashion trends. Today, individuality rules, rather than convention. The trend of matching the bridesmaids’ wedding bouquets with the bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres and the centerpieces is long passé. A bridesmaid can very well hold a starkly contrasting bouquet. The traditional white flowers are also on the way out, being replaced by colored blooms. You even find lavenders and plums adorning bridal parties with bold and powerful arrangements, a distinct departure from the traditionally romantic ones. The choice is only limited by the imagination.

The beautiful bridal bouquets

The bridal bouquets should not only compliment the personal style of the bride, but also blend perfectly with the overall theme and atmosphere of the wedding. It should enhance the beauty of the gown, not overpower it. The wedding flower bouquet is most common gift for any weddings.

To this effect, a traditional all wedding flower bridal bouquet is perfect, as it does not draw attention away from the bride and her wedding gown! But, today brides considered it too pallid and want some sprinkling of color that may range from soft pinks and pastels to fuchsia and the ruby reds. The best person to blend your personality with the hues of the wedding bouquet is your florist, who can design a bouquet that is just right for you. Just sample some basic designs:

a. The cascade bouquet: This traditional and formal style is loose and free flowing giving the appearance of a cascade or waterfall, with flowers flowing downward. The cascading effect is achieved by white roses, stephanotis and white or calla lilies mingled with some greenery.

b. The nosegay or round cluster bouquet: This popular, but smaller bouquet is usually created as a tight round cluster in white or pastel pink roses. It can also have a mix of flowers of other varieties. It usually uses very little greenery.

c. The hand-tied or loose-tied bouquet: This less formal bouquet gives the illusion of a

‘just picked’ bouquet of choicest spring flowers, tied loosely with delicate ribbon or lace. Its appeal lies in the free flowing movement of the flowers.

There can be many more varieties of wedding bouquets depending upon the creativity of your florist.