Flower as a special gift:

Flowers are suitable for gifts in today’s trendy world, where we celebrate each and every day as a special day for anything at all. Flowers are also used as an ornament for women, as you can see women wearing the flowers in their hair. It is affordable for all the classes of people and also suits all ages. Sending flowers have become a custom to give as birthday gifts, token of love, to express that the person is sorry, or to wish for marriage and more. Sometimes we can even see floral cards sent for different occasions. The send flowers always remain as a symbol of love and happiness.

They always have a meaning, each and every flower symbolises something, and even the colour depicts a meaning. You will find flower shops everywhere, some are natural and some are artificial. The flowers are gathered together to form a beautiful bouquet to give more beauty. More often we can say that it is a priceless asset even though it is cheaper than to buy some other costly gift but sometime it is not worth. Flowers always bring smile in the faces of the people.

Floral meaning:

One flower denotes a small message but when it forms a bouquet then it denotes a long message. But it is necessary to select the kind of send flowers for the bouquet as they possess different meanings.

For example Daffodil means respect and also states that “the sun always shines when I am with you”, Daisy means loyal, love and innocence, Forget-me-not means true love and good memories, Cactus means endurance, Bluebell means humility, Orchid means thoughtful, maturity and charm, Primrose states “I cannot be without you”, Tulip means perfect lover and luck, Crocus means gladness, honeysuckle means happiness, Sunflower means pride and sunshine. It sounds so amazing and marvellous how the flowers are portrayed and how we make the other person feel special by giving them flowers.

In addition to this, there are some flowers that bloom in various colours and each colour depicts a meaning. For example, the Carnations blossom in pink, red, white, striped. The pink carnation stands for “always on my mind”, red for passion, white for “sweet, lovely and good luck”, and striped for refusal. Likewise, Rose stands for flower of love and red rose for love and passion, pink for happiness, white for purity and innocence, and yellow for friendship.

Symbolic meaning:

The send flowers possess symbolic meanings too. When the appropriate flowers are used they depict a symbolic representation. For example Apple blossom symbolises good fortune, hope, better things to come, Bluebells for constancy, Carnation for distinction and fascination, Daffodil for reward, Jasmine for amiability, Lilac for first love, Orchid for rare beauty, Lily-of-the-valley for return of happiness and so on.

With regard to these symbolic representations of flowers, we can find the old tradition of praying to God with

incense sticks and flowers that has special meaning. We can find many kinds of flowers in the temples, which are used for pooja (worship) by the people from the Hindu religion, mostly found in the Asian countries. They say that the smell of the flowers please God when you worship with them. After the worship the women keep the flower garland in their hair as it is a symbol of holiness.

History behind sending flowers:

During the 17th century in Turkey, the secret messages were sent by sending flowers, which had a special meaning. The flowers were arranged symbolically in the form of bouquet to convey their feelings of any sort. Later during the 1700’s this culture came into existence in other parts of Europe and now it is seen all over the world. There are no barriers to send flowers to someone.

Sending flowers through shopping online:

Now-a-days we can send flowers to anyone from any part of the world with the help of online shopping. It is just a click away. One possibility is that some floral shops have a network all around the world and it is easy to inform the florist in that particular country or the state to make the arrangement and deliver the same. In case there is no network of shops it is not possible to deliver the flowers, but many a times they are transported with the shipping charges. For example, archies online, or hallmark provides the opportunity to buy flowers online and send them across countries as they have a larger network.

Buying online is simpler, as we just enter the website address and choose the flower

bouquet that we want, and we mention the recipient’s address and the date when it has to be delivered and the amount is paid by the credit card. The order is made at that moment and it is given to the florist who makes the bouquet and delivers to the appropriate person on the specified date, which brings a surprise. It is also a symbol of happiness to be more precise. The lands, or seas or oceans cannot block this journey of the flowers that hold the meaning and the message to be conveyed.

But care should be taken to select the appropriate flowers for the special purpose, so the blossoms won’t be

substituted with other blossoms while dispatching, which will change the entire meaning. It is advisable to give a note that mentions the kinds of flowers to be arranged in the bouquet for the florist. Hence the exact flower bouquet reaches the recipient on time and conveys the actual message.

Send flowers are the best choice to express a feeling or an emotion. It comes to the mind within a second when we think of a celebration or a party. It is more affordable and brings happiness. Even though natural flowers don’t last long but the moment that it happened is to be cherished and will be unforgettable. Sometimes people tend to give artificial flowers that look like natural flowers which is also a good choice. Flowers will always remain as the best choice for gifts.