Silk flowers refer to gorgeous looking and deceivingly realistic artificial flowers that make an excellent alternative to real flowers. Though, realistic looking flowers can be made from cotton, rayon, and polyester, Silk is preferred because it spells grace, elegance and is a perfect substitute for the smoothness of natural flowers.

Nowadays these flowers are becoming highly popular. Though majority of the world’s Silk flowers are made in Asia, High quality handmade blooms are traditionally made in New York and Paris.


Man has always been intrigued by the fragile short-lived beauty of flowers. He has through the ages tried to capture and recreate this ephemeral beauty in a more enduring form. Thus originated the concept of synthetic flowers. The manufacture and use of artificial flowers can be traced back to 25 B.C., but artificial flowers became a rage during the Victorian era when flowers were created using Paper, wax, cotton etc. Flowers made from silk fabric also were used popularly during this time period.

However, recent advances in fabrics, finishes, and manufacturing techniques have ensured that the flowers available today are botanically accurate designs with perfect attention to detail. The prototypes created by the manufacturers today have true-to-life colors and genuine feel to the touch. Special fabric finishes, amazing molding techniques, Amazing elasticity and complex coating techniques have resulted in flowers that far surpass any of their forebears.

Some manufacturers go to the extent of including deliberate faults such smudges, missing petals etc in the flower to give it a realistic look. These design faults trick the observers into believing that the flowers originated from the field and not the factory.

Quality Ranges

Silk flowers are available in different qualities ranging from low-end to very high quality. The price is at times a reliable indicator of the quality level you get.

The low-end flowers are also known as dewdrop flowers because they are dotted with tiny balls of acrylic to imitate droplets of water. You can get lot of these counterfeit flowers at a very modest price but they do not look authentic at all. These cheap models have petals of poor quality that often fall off and they look tacky when used in arrangements.

The medium quality range looks real from a distance but can be easily spotted upon close examination of the blooms. They will also not appear good in close up snaps.

High quality silk flowers appear more lifelike. They are tailor-made and are often confused with natural ones.

These blooms have botanical accuracy and a realistic look and feel. Some manufacturers go to the extent of copying the natural flaws from the real flowers to make these blooms look more lifelike.


In the last few decades, the silkflower industry has made incredible progress. Their popularity has grown steadily. Silks have many benefits over fresh flowers.

» Silks are an inexpensive substitute to real flowers.

» It will appear extremely real.

»It will always appear fresh.

» They are more pulsating and attractive than authentic flowers.

» They do not contain any allergens and are nontoxic and disease free.

» They will never shrivel or lose color.

» Silk flowers used during special occasions can be preserved as mementos.

» They are durable.

»They can be acquired in a wide assortment of colors and styles.

» They are not seasonal so will be available throughout the year.

» They will not shed or droop.

» They won't freeze in cold weather.

» They can be effortlessly transported and do not require refrigeration.

» They will not catch the attention of bees and other insects.

» They are not messy.

»They cannot be crushed.

» They can even be scented.

» These flowers are very lightweight.

» They don't need watering.

» They are easy to clean.

»Maintaining them is very easy.


Traditionally fresh flowers dominate the wedding celebration because the scent of fresh flowers fills the air with sweetness and empower the emotions. Silks on the other hand cannot recreate the feeling because the scents used in silks will evaporate after a while.

The delicate beauty and exquisite detailing that real flowers possess cannot be recreated by silks. The advancements in technology have made silk flowers more realistic, no doubt, but they can never match the real thing. Real flowers create a more opulent feeling than silk.

Moreover, silk flowers can in no way replace the real thing, especially not in those critically important romantic exchanges.

Maintaining your silk flowers

Silk flowers will last for many years but will need occasional care to keep them looking their absolute best. Here are some tips to help you in caring for your silks:

» Keep flowers away from sunny windows.

» Keep flowers as far away from your stove as possible.

»Avoid placing your silk flowers in kitchen or cooking areas.

» Avoid getting the silk flowers extremely wet.

»Do not place them near an open flame.

» Liquids and chemical sprays are not recommended for silk flowers.

» Remove dust regularly.

» When not in use, store your arrangement in a clean,

dry box.

There are many ways to help you clean the dust that’s collecting on your silk flowers. If it’s a light coating of dust, it can be removed rather easily with a feather duster, or hair dryer on low cool setting. Turning them upside down and shaking them may also be enough.

For a deeper cleaning, you may want to use a soft damp toothbrush to clean the leaves and flower petals. You can even use ozone safe aerosol sprays.

An easy way to remove dust from your flowers is to pour about a cup of salt into a plastic bag. Then, tip your flowers head first into the bag, and tie it up making it as airtight as possible. Shake

vigorously. The salt will absorb all the dust and dirt and leave your flowers looking like new.

For a tougher dust, wash individual flowers in warm water and then hang them upside down to dry. Commercial Silk flowers cleaners are also available to keep flowers spotless.

However, frequent cleaning is important, as this will eliminate accumulations over time. Cleaning three to six months is recommended.

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