Life of a flower encapsulates the essence of human journey in the world. Taking birth, leading life, and dying indelibly are characteristics of a human life and very much the same for the flowers. But what separates flowers from human life is the generous attribute of them. For example, even if you detach them from their stem of crush their petals, it is only sweet fragrance that they will proffer to you, but the same can’t be said about humans. That’s why yearning for flowers in human life is enormous, perhaps, in hope that the proximity to flowers rubs off the virtues of them on the human demeanors too.

It can’t be said for certain if the flowers have been able to penetrate the human soul, but the skin has certainly afforded the space to flowers. Today, people sport different kinds of flower tattoos on their bodies to express their individuality and objective, outlook and philosophies related to the life in general and particular.

Flower Tattoo impart people a unique weapon to splash their emotions on the skin. Love, hate, affection, mirth, inspiration, austerity, gentility, fidelity, bravery, etc.—you name it and there is a flower to symbolize every feeling of yours in the form of tattoos.

People who want to express strongly but without being bitter, choose delicate flowers as tattoos. Ankle, arms, chest, and back part of body are popular places for man to engrave tattoos and lower back, ankle, belly button area, front side of the hips, butt cheeks are happening places for women to have tattooed.

The body art reaches its pinnacle with the incorporation of flowers as tattoos. Flowers, with its resplendent colors and spry presence, give a variety of shapes and sizes as options to decorate someone’s body. Tattoo artists offer tattoos from a wide range of their repertoire. Be it simple butter flower back and butterfly buds or ornate lion in the lilies

and fairy on the flower you can get engraved any type of flower tattoos of your choice. And if the list shown by the tattooist is not satisfying enough for you then they can custom design the tattoos for you too, so that you get nothing less than your intended design.

To double up the charm of nature’s enigma on your body, choose the flowers that go hand in hand with your inner—self.

Some flowers that have great demand as flower tattoos:

The rose:

They enjoy a significant status in tattoo arena. Almost all tattoo enthusiasts have a great liking for them. With its various types, it can represent an array of emotions.

Rose (red) conveys the sentiment of love, Rose (white) of innocence, purity, and secrecy and silence, Rose (yellow) of jealousy and decrease of love, whereas Rose (Hibiscus) of delicate beauty and Rose (bridal) of happy love. You can choose anyone to complement your feelings.

The Sunflower:

Sunflowers, with its resplendent yellow color, express the meaning of “you are splendid”. The tattoo of sunflower exudes the confidence of the wearers, which shows how positive they are toward the approach of life.

The Lotus:

Lotus tattoos represent the overcoming of struggles and challenges of life. The way lotus emerges from the muck to the surface of the water is source of great inspiration for human life.

The Lotus Flower Tattoo have religious dimensions too. In Hindu and Buddhist culture it signifies the purity of soul. So, people wearing it show their religious leanings too through the lotus tattoos.

The Daisy:

The tattoo of Daisy flowers stands for innocence, purity, and loyal love. People subscribing to theses qualities wear daisy tattoo to show glimpse of their crystal-clear heart.

The Lily:

Lily has sundry types of flowers classes. And they all represent emotional expressions in more ways than one. Lily (Calla) represents beauty; Lily (white) virginity and purity; Lily (Tiger) wealth and pride; and Lily (of the valley) sweetness and humanity. The choice rests with a particular individual as to which type of Lily can express him/her better.

The Daffodil:

The Daffodils have several meanings to correspond with human sentiments. Some are: regard, unrequited love, you are the only one, and the Sun is always shining when I am with you.

Some other flowers like Aster, Carnation, Narcissus and Violet are too favorites for body art. The colors play an instrumental role in defining tattoos. For instance rose can serve two different purposes with the change of colors. Rose (red) emanates the gesture of love, whereas Rose (black crimson) of mourning. So one must be careful while choosing the colors of flower tattoos.

How to choose a true tattooist:

Reading tattoo magazines, visiting tattoo parlors and attending tattoo expos and conventions can help find a good tattoo artist to a great deal. Whenever you go to the parlors ask for the previous works of the artist, which will give you a good idea about the artist’s abilities.

Safe tattoo task:

Safety regarding tattoos deals at two levels: 1) the tattoo parlor and tattoo artists and 2) the tattoo getter.

Whenever you enter a parlor to get your tattoos done, make sure that the tattoo

parlor follows the basic rules for a hygienic tattoo experience. That is to say, whether they have a clean studio, they use autoclave (a machine to sterilize tattoo equipments), they use a new set of disposable needles and rags, and they use latex gloves while tattooing or not. Because a pre-used needle can transmit body fluid of other person in you and you can unwittingly get into the detrimental circle of diseases like Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Hepatitis and above all HIV. So, if the parlor’s facilities amount to a risk free tattoos experience, only then entrust you body to parlor and tattoo artist.

After your tattoo work is done, you will be handed over an instruction sheet by the tattooist. And take all care in the world to follow the instructions, like avoiding sunrays, water and petroleum jelly. The negligence toward the instructions can aggravate the pain and wound. Use a bandage for 24 hours on tattooed area and apply only anti bacterial soap and antibiotic ointment to negate any chance of infection.

The downside of flower tattoo:

Though flower translates the eternal beauty of nature on your skin and presents a soothing look, if at any point of time in your life, you think of erasing the tattoo, you will have to go through the experience of pain and ugliness. Because of several reasons ranging from job refusal to irresponsible impression, many people in the mature stages of their lives regret having engraved tattoos.

But at this point the removal is possible only by the medical procedures that include therapies like Laser, Excision and Dermabrasion. Theses therapies leave scars and blotchy patches after treatment, which disfigure the skin and chance of getting the skin back in original form is minuscule.

A Flower Tattoo traverses the path entailing beatific satisfaction and uncouth parting both, so you have to be extremely contentious and courageous while deciding on a flower or any other design for tattooing your skin.