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Modeling Resource Guide

To follow is a state by state listing of modeling agencies, photographers and casting companies where available. We are providing you with website addresses for many of the agencies and photographers so that you can check them out on-line before calling.

If you do not have a portfolio yet, we suggest that you send a few snapshots to the agencies in your area along with your height, size, experience and phone numbers you can be reached at. You should follow up with a phone call to the agencies to see if they are interested in meeting you. If you are lucky enough to get an appointment be punctual, dress neatly, keep make-up to a minimum and hair styled naturally. If the agency is interested in representing you then your agent will recommend testing photographers in your area.

If none of the agencies show interest in you then you should contact one of the photographers listed in the resource listing and schedule a professional photo shoot. We suggest that you have the photographer shoot one roll of head shots and one roll of full length shots. Keep hair simple and make-up light and natural. Let your natural beauty show through. Re-submit two to three of these shots to the agencies then follow up with a phone call. If the agencies still do not show an interest, perhaps modeling is not for you. If there are casting agencies in your area, call them to see if they offer any acting classes, as TV/film acting might be more appropriate for you.


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