Modeling Tips:: Homework


While at home; practice your runway stance, walk and turns in front of a video camera. Put some music on and set up a mirror so you can watch yourself move. You should try and do your turns over and over again so they are set in your mind. Pay close attention, how are your hands, face and body movements. Do you look like a model? Are you graceful? What do you need work on?

You should prepare for you head shots. You should make faces (smiles, serious, pouts) in the mirror and see how your face changes. You should try moving and tilting your head from side to side finding your best angles. You can drop and raise your chin to see your bone structure change. You can fold your arms across your chest, angle your shoulders or even turn you back to the mirror then turning your face toward the mirror. All of this will make you more prepared for the photographer and you will already have your favorite movements. Take photos of your self, how are your hands, and what do they look like, how is your posture etc.