Modeling Tips:: Runway Modeling

Runway Modeling

The second most popular type of modeling is runway. Runway modeling is the art of walking down the runway like a cat, like a slinky sexy cat that cannot be interrupted. The best runway models have an air of confidence and indifference that cannot be matched. These gorgeous women walk effortlessly, slowly and like they have no-where-to-go-that-should-be-of-any-interest-to-you-attitude. Yet they can sell clothes. Watch Style on Cnn or E TV on Saturdays and you can see these marvelous models in action.

Women: Minimum of 5'9 (but preferably 5'10) up to 6'1. You must wear a size 2-4-6, you must have nice skin, and a well toned healthy body, great teeth and a great way of moving down the runway with grace, style, confidence and attitude.

Men: 6' to 6'2, your suit size must be 38-44Regular. You should have good skin, great smile, a well toned buff body. You must be able to move on the runway with ease, confidence and attitude.

Learning the correct way to carry yourself on a runway is essential for all runway models. It takes many hours of practice to perfect the style needed for a successful career in runway modeling. Your model's walk could make or break your career. Carrying yourself with a look of confidence will be to your advantage when dealing in any area of the modeling profession. If you project a professional look and attitude the client will treat you with respect and more than likely book you for the assignment.

On the runway it is important to be smooth, graceful and light on your feet. Place one foot in front of the other with care. You should not bounce, waddle or lose your balance. Your body should be slanted slightly backward with your shoulders relaxed. Your hipbones should be parallel to the floor and knees slightly bent. Your arms should usually be down at your sides in a relaxed manner. When walking, you should not swing your arms any further than your body. Your hands and finger's should be held with grace. If you place your hands on your hips, make sure that your thumbs are pointing forward and your fingers are held together pointing back. If your arms are held out, be sure you're your fingers are held in a " mannequin" style.

Your turns should be performed with the utmost care. They should be smooth and poised. Remember, choppiness cannot be accepted. If you cannot complete a good turn without stopping, losing your balance, being graceful or spotting (which helps you keep your balance), you may not want to choose a career in runway modeling. It is the turn that shows the clothing. If you cannot make outfits look great; no client for any fashion show will book you. You should practice your turns regularly. (Dance classes are helpful for coordination and gracefulness.)

Eye contact is extremely important in runway modeling. When you look people in the eye, you involve them in the show. While doing this, you become less distant and begin to develop a rapport with the audience. If the people like you, they will like the clothes and they will buy. Then you will be in a very good position with the client. It is essential to arrive fully equipped to all fashion shows. Not every client will supply the models with everything they will need. Always ask what is provided and what is not.

In order to start your career in runway model, you need to register yourself with a modeling agency.