Modeling Tips - Television Commercial model

Television Commercial model

As in print modeling there are 2 types of television models: the fashion model and the commercial model.

The fashion TV model will be seen in commercials for cosmetics, perfumes, lingerie and clothing stores.

The commercial TV model will be seen in commercials for laundry detergents, banks, furniture, dietary supplements and various services. You should be able to tell the difference while watching TV, the fashion models are all drop dead gorgeous and the commercial models look more like the average person and they talk and act like normal, average people.

Which category do you fit in to? Most of the major TV commercial producers hold their casting sessions in NYC or LA. So if you are not in one of those markets you will only have the opportunity to audition of local TV spots, for instance the local department store of the other local services and shops. Do not expect to be cast for a national Cola commercial in your hometown. The physical attributes necessary for TV commericals are the same as the fashion print model segment. The same is true for the commercial TV model, basically attractive normal looking men and women who can play the role of mom, dad, banker, baker, or shopper.


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