Modeling Tips:: Woman Fashion Print Model

Woman Fashion Print Model

For a woman you should be at least 5'9 to 6'1 you must wear a dress size 4-6-8. Now keep in mind if you are 5'9 and you are wearing a size 8 you are too big, if you are 6'1 and wearing a size 8 then that's okay.

Don't let height stop you from going after your dreams. If you do not fit into this height and size category then you are not immediately disqualified. It's not always the thinnest model, nor the most beautiful, there are always models that are thinner and more beautiful on the runway but if you feel good about yourself and are having fun modeling then continue to persue your goals as a modeling profession.

So you must keep this business in perspective, being the most beautiful or the thinnest in no the most important part of your life. The other physical attributes necessary to be a print model are simple: beautiful skin, beautiful eyes, great shaped mouth/face, beautiful teeth and a well-toned healthy body. You must also have a photogenic face and the only way you can find this out is to have photographs taken of you and let the local agency decide.