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Promotional Modeling

I am sure you have all been to a store and been approached by a woman carrying a bottle of perfume and show asks you if you would like to try this fragrance. This is a promotional model. You have probably been to a home show or car show at your local convention center and seen attractive women and men standing in many booths inviting you to take a look at the product she or he is working with. This is a promotional model. Or maybe you have been on your way into a concert or sporting event and a man offers you a sample of a new fruit juice. This is a promotional model. Promotional models do not have their photographs taken to appear in advertisements, they do not walk down fashion runways and they do not appear in TV commercials. They are attractive, enthusiastic men and women ranging in age from 18-45 who are hired by thousands of companies to get a new product into consumer's hands, in the hopes that you will try the new product, like it and then buy it. You do need to be attractive, well groomed, energetic, and dependable and enjoy talking with people.


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