Modeling Tips:: How to be a successful model

How to be a successful model

  • Always cooperate with the clients, photographers and other modles.
  • Remember to always smile!
  • You should be on time for everything.
  • Be prepared for all of your assignments and remember to bring everything that is required of you to have and then some.
  • You should never argue with the clients. If there is a problem regarding rates or anything else, the agency will handle it.
  • Report leads and business back to the agency.
  • Do not gossip about anyone or anything, which might be going on.
  • Do not discuss one photographer with another photographer or client about work, clients, etc)
  • Never "cut up " or say anything derogatory about another model or agency.
  • You should not discuss leads or bookings with models from other agencies. Do not under any circumstances; reveal your "go-see" List to models at any other agencies, photographer's etc. Anything you hear in an agency should be considered privileged information. If you do not follow the rules, you will not remain a member of an agency.
  • Be professional at all time; in the agency, on an interview and at a booking/job
  • Always dress the part of a model when representing the agency.
  • Remember to be polite an articulate to all clients, photographers and other models.
  • Perform every job as well as you possibly can, as this will result in repeat bookings.
  • Always be on time for you interviews, castings and go-sees; do not keep a potential client waiting.
  • Do not discuss fees with the Client: The agency handles that.
  • Do not speak about personal problems on the job or with a client.
  • If you are unable to carry out a booking because of illness, do not replace yourself: call the agency as soon as possible and other arrangements will be made.
  • Do not bring personal company (husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, children or friends) to a job or on an interview.
  • We suggest that you do not date any clients.
  • Do not give out your telephone number to any clients or photographers. If they want to reach you, they should contact the agency
  • How to find an agency representation in your area

    Submit 3-5 snapshots (one close up and one full lenght) to the modeling agencies in the largest city near you. include your statistict, height, dress/suit size, measurements along with your name, address daytime phone number and any modeling experience you may have.
    If an agency is interested in representing you they will call you.

    For a resource listing in your area including

  • modeling agencies
  • casting companies
  • photographes

    Bellow you will find the procedure for contacting a photographer.
    1) Introduce yourself to the photographer.
    2) The agency will call to set up an appointment to discuss a possible testing with you.
    3) After establishing that you will be having a testing with a photographer, find out the cost of the session and what does that include. Pictures, locations, copies of photo's, makeup and Hair, styling etc.
    4) At the time of the shoot be prepared and act professional and remember to be exciting and creative. (Bring your ideas that you have put together for your portfolio)
    5) Remember, do not forget you appointment and be prompt. After having your testing, follow these guidelines: When you receive your contact sheets, select 2 or 3 of the best shots to enlarge to go into your portfolio. If possible, do this with the help of your photographer.

    1) Choose only one photo per outfit/background.
    2) After you prints are ready, put them in a portfolio.
    3. Enclosed in your portfolio, you should have a short resume: A. Name B. Telephone numbers C. Height, D. Weight E. Eye color F. Hair color G. Dress size, H. Shoe size I. Any experience you might have
    4. Put all your contact sheets in the back of the book for the agency to see. You should contact all the modeling agencies in your area and ask the agency what the procedures for reviewing portfolios are. Please follow all agencies reviewing procedures or you will not be considered a professional model.

    We hope that this information the we have compiled for you helps you bring your desire of becoming a professional model to reality. Remember, relax, have fun and be professional and good luck.


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