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  • Phone Calls: Please remember to check in with the agency only if you are accepted with the agency.
  • Composites: Always makes sure the agency has plenty composite cards on hand. Order more when necessary.
  • Commissions: The agency takes a 10% commission on all bookings.
  • Bookings: Jobs for print, runway, promotions, TV or Film. If you accept a booking you must follow through with the job, no excuses. If you do not show up for a booking, it will be you last.
  • Photographers: All models are expected to "make rounds" to show their books and drop off composites to photographers and ad agencies.
  • " Go-Sees": Remember to follow through on a go-see. A client cannot book you if they do not see you. If you accept a go see, you must show up.
  • Taxes: Models are considered self-employed. Everything you purchase that you need in order to pursue a modeling career, saving you receipts, it's a tax deductible. You will be provided with a 1099 earning statement at the end of the year only if you earn of $600.00
  • Promotional modeling: Hosting and greeting at conventions, trades shows, sample marketing and demonstrating in stores. Outgoing personality and being dependable a must. No height requirement. Models should have a composite cards made.
  • Sample work: Barbie Promotion, Car Shows, Liquor shows etc.
  • Runway: A catwalk or runway is used. Models or 5'9-5'11 are required to model the designer's clothes. Local retail and vendors look on as models show off latest designs.
  • Print: Catalog/editorial/commercial work. Models 5'8 and up normally. There are exceptions for this though.
  • Fit: Fit models are a preference of the designer for height and size. They display the clothes of the season to the distributors for the fashion designers. Models are used as live Mannequins as the designers make new lines.
  • Plus: 5'9-5'11 over size 10-18. Petite: 5'2-5'3 very rare but there is a market for that.
  • Voice Over: (VO) The audio part of television commercial done separately from video or a radio commercial.
  • Video: Can be non-union or Union: Better known as SAG or AFTRA. If you do a union job once you do not have to join, but the second one you must. Release: On your vouchers it authorizes the client to use your photographs for advertising purposes; with out a release, a client cannot use the picture.
  • Rounds list: A list of names of photographers in which the agency uses.
  • Rounds: A specific time set for visiting photographers, showing them your book and leaving your composite. Composite cards A selection of four photographs and a headshot, which vary in style, expression and clothing.
  • Portfolio: A Black book containing test shots and tear sheets of yourself. Size is 8 by 10 or 11 by 14 (Can be purchased at any art supply store)
  • Mini Book: A 5 by 7 version of your portfolio/big book. You should have two mini books.
  • Contact Sheet: Rolls of film developed onto one 8 by 12 glossy easy viewing. Tear Sheet: The advertisements in which models appear that tear out of magazines, newspapers, etc. to use in their books. Models are responsible for getting these from the clients. You are responsible to get two copies- one for yourself and one for the agency
  • Testing: The trail pictures to see how you will photograph. Most first testings are up to the model to pay for and range from $200-$500 and makeup is normally an additional charge.
  • Semi-nude: Modeling partially clothed: done at your and the agency's discretion (double rate)
  • Travel; Time: The pay you receive for the time you spend getting a booking outside the metropolitain area (25 miles or more from the city).
  • Voucher: A time sheet, which issued by the model to be paid for a booking. It shows the time, date, rate, client, product and job performed by the mode. It had three parts; one for the model (pink), one for the agency (yellow) and one for the client (white). The model and the client also must sign it and the model must return a copy to the agency.
  • Weather Permit: A booking to be done on location where the weather is important to the booking; IE: weather permit/rain= booking is cancelled it rains and it will be rescheduled.
  • On hold: Clients has model on hold for a job.
  • Booked: Client has booked the model. You're hired.
  • Tote Bag: A bag (nylon, canvas or leather) large enough to carry all materials needed for you bookings. It should be taken to all jobs and contain make up, hair accessories, extra pantyhose, shoes, dress shields a scarf, hair curlers, safety pins, two slips (short and full-length), deodorant and anything else you might need.
  • Datebook: A calendar book to record all booking information and appointments. Please be sure to write everything down the agency gives you for information including date, time, contact person, telephone number, directions and wardrobe.
  • Cell phone/Pager/beeper: Allows us to reach you faster for checking your availability, go-sees and bookings.


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