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Having some kind of home security system installed in your home is a good way to make you feel a little more secure against threats such as burglary, fire and carbon monoxide.

Ways to make you home more secure

  • Trim bushes and trees around your home. Keeping yur shrubs under 3 feet makes it harder for someone to hide behind them.
  • Secure and lock doors and windows. Using sliding window locks prevents windows from being pried open. If you have sliding glas doors, use a sliding door security bar, or a piece of wood, to prevent the doors from opening. This also works good to prevent children from getting out without you knowing about it.
  • Install outdoor lighting. If you don't want to have the light on all the time, use motion-activated lighting.
  • Don't leave your spare key hidden under the doormat. Be creative and think of a spot where noone would ever think about looking.
  • When you leave your home, leave a few light on to make it look like someone is home.
  • Install a home security system. There are a lot of different options in various price ranges.
  • Install smart devices. This way you can turn lights on and off even if your not home, and you can always check your cameras to see if something is going on at home.
  • Keep valubles out of sight.
  • Install security stickers and place them on your windows.

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