Top 5 Smart Home Designs and Trends in Boston


Smart device, smart home


Long gone are the days when smart homes were for the rich and famous. Today, even an average homeowner in Boston can enjoy the perks of a smart home. From voice activated locks to automated fridges, home automation and artificial intelligence have come together to provide home owners with mind blowing innovations.

In this guide, we take a look at top five smart home designs and trends to look out for in Boston in 2022 and beyond.


Smart kitchens

Can you imagine being able to control your fridge, microwave or even coffee mugs from your phone? These are some of the things you can enjoy when you have a smart kitchen.

The fridge is one of the most important appliances in a kitchen. With a smart fridge, you can easily sync it with your other kitchen appliances like smart ovens. A smart oven is able to determine the exact temperature to cook different foods.

In case you are running late in the office and plan to bake some cookies for your family, you can preheat your smart oven from your phone while still at the office such that it's ready to bake when you get home.

A smart kitchen will ensure your stay in the kitchen is not boring. The entertainment center plays your favorite music while you cook. You can even catch up with that friend you have not spoken to in ages on video call as you cook dinner. Or better yet, go live on Instagram and share with the world whatever you are cooking.


Smart lighting

Geo-fencing features in smart bulbs use GPS to know your location and automatically turn on when you are near your smart home. How cool is that?

On top of that, you can customize your lighting to suit different occasions. A variety of mood lighting settings can be linked to your favorite TV shows, automatically identifying audio clues and in turn creating a specially curated light track.

Further, syncing your smart lighting with your smart security and heating systems will enable your smart home to react to different environmental changes in mind-boggling ways. If the weather report foresees a gloomy and cloudy afternoon, you can be sure your smart home will be well lit all thanks to your smart lighting.


Top notch home security

Drones are probably the most prominent development when it comes to home security. You can now connect a security drone to various sensors around your smart home. When not in use, the drone will stay docked but the moment any of the sensors is triggered, it will fly to the area to find out the cause and film it while at it.

Other smart home security items worth installing include video doorbells that record high definition videos whenever someone is at the door. Some even come with speakers and microphones that enable you to have a conversation with the person at the door. This way, you can easily monitor who is at your door and decide whether or not you want to let them in. In case of any suspicious activity happening at your door, you will be in the know.


Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants use artificial intelligence to understand different aspects in your smart home. With the Covid-19 pandemic, more people are spending more time at home.

A virtual assistant will check what food is in your smart fridge and alert you on your smartphone when the food is near its expiration date. In some cases, your assistant can start your washing machine if you need some laundry done and even make lunch reservations for your family.


Smart healthy living

Health is of paramount importance in our lives. If you are not in great health and shape, you might not be able to enjoy all these perks of a smart home.

Healthcare innovations such as smart glasses, smart clothing, smart watches and similar wearables are designed to help you stay healthy by tracking how your body responds to the environment.

For example, the smart sensor-embedded clothing monitors your respiratory and cardiac health, your sleep patterns and your physical mobility as a whole. The data collected by these smart devices can then help to suggest measures you can take to better your physical and mental wellbeing. Moreover, they lessen your visits to the doctor as you can be monitored remotely without leaving home.



Smart home technology combined with premium accommodation is quickly upgrading our homes with mind-blowing devices. A few years ago, some of these things would have sounded like a dream for most Boston residents. The future looks bright with more new and better tech items entering the market with every passing day. Technology is indeed the future!