How To Make Your Apartment Safe With Smart Devices


Just because you are renting an apartment does not mean that you cannot make changes to it to make it more secure. Of course, you may need to ask your landlord's permission if there's rewiring or remodeling involved, but the great thing about modern smart home devices is that these nifty tools and gadgets help you create a safer home environment without much effort.

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What are Smart Devices?

Smart devices are basically just electronic gadgets that are configured to connect to each other through a network and share information. One of the possible applications of smart devices is in securing your home.


Smart Home: Making Your Apartment Safe with Smart Devices

Smart devices are easy to use and do not require much technical knowledge and expertise. To add to that, smart devices utilize technology to make security and automation work perfectly. These are some of the essential smart devices that you can install in your apartment to keep it safer than ever:


    1. Smart Lock

    A smart door lock is essential for apartment dwellers because it gives you control over who comes in and out of your abode. After all, since you are only renting your apartment, the landlord still has the master key to your unit, which means it can be opened even without your permission. This smart device allows you to unlock and lock the door with a few taps on your smartphone or through a voice command. Installing a smart lock on your front door also means you don't have to worry about keys, especially if you are the forgetful type!

    You will feel safe and secure because you have full control over who can enter your apartment. Smart locks are great for keeping intruders out. You can also grant or revoke access to your child's babysitter or your apartment's housekeeper. There are various types of smart door locks, so you must choose one that does not need any change in door hardware. Otherwise, you should ask your landlord's permission if you need to modify the existing equipment of your apartment door.


    2. Smart Smoke Alarm and Leak Sensor

    A carbon monoxide detector is a must-have fixture for every home. These devices warn you when smoke is detected so that a potential fire can be extinguished immediately. A less dangerous but potentially damaging hazard in homes and apartments are water leaks from the toilet, washing machine, or dishwasher. But what's better than ordinary smoke detectors and leak sensors? Smart leak sensors and smart smoke alarms, that is.

    What sets these smart devices from the regular ones is the notifications that you will receive through your smartphone. Some smart smoke alarms also have self-testing features that are not available in typical smoke detectors. Even if you are out for the day, you will receive notifications that can help you save your belongings from damage and other apartment occupants from getting hurt.


    3. Smart Camera

    Security cameras have been around for some time, but a smart camera is not your ordinary wireless surveillance camera. What sets a smart camera from a regular indoor or outdoor camera is that you can view and record what's going on inside your apartment using your smartphone. A smart camera is a must if other people are coming in and out of your residence. Or maybe you are leaving your kids with a babysitter. Check out Wired Smart for more tips on how to secure your apartment with the help of smart devices.

    It's easier for homeowners to install a security camera in the house, but renters can utilize smart cameras without the need to hire a professional for installation. A smart device like a wireless smart camera can be added to your apartment by mounting it using a couple of screws. For added security, choose a smart camera with a motion detector.



Smart devices are not just for homeowners - apartment renters can also take advantage of this technology to make their rented abode safe and secure. Utilizing smart devices not only help you stay safe, but it also offers convenience that regular security gadgets cannot provide. Installing smart devices in your apartment is easier than it seems - and most gadgets are portable and easy to uninstall in case you are moving out of your current rented space.

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