5 Easy Ways You Can Secure Your Apartment


Apartment Security


Whether you've just turned 18, you're going through a divorce, or you've decided to move into a different apartment, you want to go to bed at night knowing you have the best protection possible. Fortunately, security systems aren't just for homeowners. Today, you can rely on the best home security in an apartment without the need to wire, hammer, or drill.

Best Home Security in an Apartment

For optimal security when living in an apartment, consider these five incredible options.

  1. Home Security Systems

    Without question, the best home security in an apartment comes from a do-it-yourself wireless system. In the past several years, home security systems have advanced to the point that now renters have almost as many options as homeowners do.

    If you lease an apartment, you can set up a system in no time without the need for any skill whatsoever. As long as you can read the easy-to-follow instructions included, you're good to go. If you go with a wireless system, you don't have to make any modifications to your apartment.

    Regardless if you go with a doorbell camera, standalone camera, or even monitors for your doors and windows, these systems work great at deterring crime. Although home security systems are great for all apartment dwellers, they're especially beneficial if you live on the ground floor.

  2. Take Time to Meet Your Neighbors

    It's amazing how well this works. Something so simple as talking to your neighbors can go a long way in staying safe while living in an apartment. Most renters feel somewhat vulnerable, so it helps to know that other people are keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

    That doesn't mean you have to become best friends with those living in the same building. Rather, you're sharing a common concern about protection. Ultimately, you and other people nearby can help each other out.

  3. Invest in Renters Insurance

    There's also peace of mind that comes from having a renters insurance policy. Although this wouldn't stop someone from entering your home and stealing your belongings, it would make replacing them easier. Considering you can get an excellent policy for as little as $35 a month, this is an incredible investment.

    Depending on the apartment complex where you plan to move, the property manager might require you to have renters insurance. However, even if it's not mandated, you should still speak with an independent agent.

  4. Replace Deadbolts

    The problem with renting is that you never know who still has a key to your place. Property managers usually change the deadbolts for that reason, but unfortunately, not all do. Before taking any action, talk to your manager to see if it's okay for you to do this or have it done. More than likely, they won't care as long as you pay the expense and provide them with a key.

  5. Purchase a Safe

    If you have anything of real value, you can always buy a safe. There are plenty of options that don't cost much. You'll then need to put it in an inconspicuous place. Now, if you decide to go this route, you might as well buy a fireproof safe. That way, you can store not only your expensive things but also important documents.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean there aren't ways to enhance your protection. Even something as simple as keeping your window coverings closed when you're not home can help. With that, burglars on the prowl can't peek inside and see what kind of goods you have. Remember, there's no reason for complicated or expensive solutions when choosing the best home security in an apartment.

You might find it surprising that people living in apartments get targeted during daylight hours more than they do at night. Also, the summer months are when most burglaries occur. Keeping these in mind, you can be a little more watchful of your home and those around you.

Of course, if you have any concerns about a broken window or door lock, talk to the property manager right away. By law, they're required to fix things like this immediately. Overall, the more alert you are to your surroundings, the better your chance of living in a safe home. You want to live in peace, and you can, by adopting one or all of these five ideas. Still, the best way to boost protection over your apartment is with a DIY wireless security system.