7 Security Measures To Take When You Move Into a New Apartment


Deadlock with key


When we think of a new apartment, the first things that come to mind are cleaning it and shopping for its furniture. Although essential, we must also remember to add security measures to the list of things to prioritize when we move into a new apartment. The first security measure that everyone does is lock their doors and windows because, unfortunately, that's the only way you'll feel safe in your home. However, there are extra steps one can and should take to ensure their safety when moving into a new apartment.


1. Choose the right floor

One of the first security measures you can take is first to pick a suitable apartment. This is technically right before moving in but still counts. For example, selecting a ground-floor apartment is not a good idea since the ease of access could be dangerous. Instead, pick an apartment off the ground floor that is not in the corner but surrounded by neighbors. Aside from choosing the right floor, you could also hire a real estate lawyer to help review the paperwork and make sure you get the best deal on your apartment lease.


2. Install a doorbell camera

The mere presence of a doorbell camera, no matter how expensive it is, could be the factor that makes a burglar think twice before choosing your home. Some doorbell cameras are multi-functional because they can detect who comes by your apartment and let you know when a package you have ordered has arrived. Some people even buy peephole cameras which are very practical and effective for apartments. So not only will you feel safe, you'll also get a great use out of them for non-security purposes.


3. Hide your valuables

Another security measure that can go overlooked is removing valuables such as jewelry, flat-screen TVs, and expensive appliances from the window shot. This is simple yet effective because this might be the thing that tempts a burglar to break into your home. So, remember to close the blinds when you leave home and put some of your valuable belongings in a safe or where nobody would find them. This way, if a break-in happens, they can never find all of your valuable belongings.


4. Implement the buddy system

Having friends is great for so many things, and the security of your apartment is one of them. If you happen to have a friend that lives nearby, you can have them check on your apartment from time to time when you're away for a few days. Or, you can even befriend a neighbor you trust and make a pact with them that whenever one of you is away, the other will check their apartment to ensure everything is intact. You'll not only be relieved, but you'll also have made a good friend.


5. Lock your windows

Again, this might seem like a simple step, but it's a crucial one. A burglar always looks for the most vulnerable point of access; if it's not an open door, they will look for an open window. For this reason, not only do you always need to close your windows, you're probably better off purchasing some window locks that will ensure that if anyone ever tries to open it, they will fail.


6. Different types of locks

When it comes to apartment security, one can never have too many locks. Say a burglar is skilled in opening a cylindrical lockset, if you also have a dead-bolt lock, that's when their cruel journey ends. Locks last a long time, and they're affordable to purchase. Plus, they're worth it since they will hopefully ensure your safety. Just hearing the sound of two or more locks when you close the door will make you feel safer. Contact Low Rate Residential Locksmith and they will help you save time and money if you are unsure of what to do and need to change or rekey the locks.


7. Secure your sliding doors

And last but certainly not least, it is essential to secure your sliding doors if you have them since they're the most vulnerable point of access for a burglar. Even if you lock them, they're very easy to break, so you must go the extra mile. You can purchase a bar with an appropriate size for your sliding doors and place it in its track. This way, if someone tries to slide the door open, they will fail. You can even install a camera to detect movement and scare off potential burglars.


This list of security measures should not discourage or scare you from finding an apartment you love and living peacefully. These tips are here to ensure you live a quiet and safe life in your lovely apartment. Most tips cost nothing, and the others are inexpensive and truly worth it when it comes to your safety.