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How To Sell Architectural Projects With CGI

The advantage of CGI is its ability to show the whole building in motion with the use of movement and camera angles. The design presents better than still photos or 3D drawings.


5 Exotic Architectural Designs

Rendering services take advantage of top-of-the-line technology, specialised software and an array of sensors to create a 3D model of any given project....


Why It's Useful To Have 3D Architectural Visualization Of Your Project

3D visualisation is when expert designers use 3D software to create graphical designs and content. 3D models are used for...

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Reasons To Hire Architects When Designing Your Apartment

The value of your apartment depends on the experience and efficacy of the architect you choose to hire. Because of their...


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Designing an Earthquake-Proof Building

There is so much progress and advancement when it comes to building safety. There are many regulations to ensure that each structure is safe and can...


How To Be A Successful Architectural Photographer

An architectural photographer is someone who takes pictures of both the interior and exterior of buildings for clients. They do this...