5 Exotic Architectural Designs



"A man's home is his castle." your home is where you will be spending most of your life with, a refuge and your identity. Evidently, it should be noted that the space you chose to build to reside in reflects your innermost values.

It is a direct statement to the world of who you are and who you want to be seen as. This is exactly why every detail matters. Be it a simplistic cabin or an intricate mansion, you need to look at the architectural nuances to ensure they're reflective of you: mind, body and soul.

Curved building



How do 3D rendering services help with architecture?

Modern art, technology and construction come together in the form of architecture to fulfil this exact purpose. However, planning and crafting an idea into something tangible is akin to grasping at straws. Or you can leave it all up to your architect and hope that they are understanding perfectly whatever is in your head - a shot in the dark.

But what if there's a middle ground? 3D rendering services are that middle ground. When you have a 3D rendered design of an idea in your head, you have more than the strength of your communication skills to implicate it. Likewise, if your architect uses 3D rendering services, they can present premade ideas, if that tickles your fancy.



How does 3D rendering exactly work?

Rendering services take advantage of top-of-the-line technology, specialised software and an array of sensors to create a 3D model of any given project. It breathes life into the construction while increasing efficiency and accuracy. The renders services like Plus Render help you craft a reliable plan of action with 3D rendered professional specimens.



Curved building

Log Cabin

The word "cabin" itself ignites a feeling of cosiness. Synonymous with serenity, a log cabin would instantly promote relaxation after a long day of typing away on a computer, taking away the stress you acquired while being confined to a cubicle. You can try Plus Render's 3D renders service to see what a particular log cabin would look like in a setting of your choice: the city or a forest getaway.



Contemporary Art-Inspired House

Recent years have seen a spike in creativity in every sector thanks to the confinement of the population to their homes. Unsurprisingly, it extends to architecture with contemporary homes that are totally out of the box. Cities like Ibiza have the most luxurious of these contemporary designs brought to life by Plus Render that look right out of a vacation movie.

pool, resort



garden of Eden

Garden Of Eden

With the current urbanisation rate, it makes sense for people to revert back to their primal, natural roots. Rooftop gardens, layered gardens and decor incorporating greenery to the fullest is all the rage right now. While it might sound like a win-win situation, it is essential to consider how a garden will affect the functionality as well as the look of your abode (take into consideration pests, rundown water etc.).

Enlisting the help of a renders service would let you correctly place your garden and enjoy it to the fullest.



Castle Of Glass

If you live in a place that offers ample natural light, it might be wise to consider decking your house with huge glass windows to let the light in. Glass appears luxurious and sleek when used with metal panels and looks cosy and inviting when used with cinder or stone.

It is a fragile material though and might cause construction issues but this can be easily solved by involving a 3D rendering service in the construction process.

house with large glass windows



House with a pool

Pool House-style Villa

If like us, your dream house absolutely needs to have a pool, you'd be delighted to know you can have multiple.

A villa with two or more pools: with each framed by a different material (ideal would be grass and a wooden deck combination). You can add trimmed hedges to shield the pool from view. A villa that has an open, airy design with a good wall to window ratio will make you feel like you're always on vacation.

Quite a handful to build, yes, but you can have a rendering service make a model first and see what works and what doesn't. Revisions can be easily made until you're satisfied. Plus Render has a team inclusive of both designers and architects to offer perspective from all angles.




3D architectural exterior rendering opens up a whole new world of opportunities for architects. It is best to start the journey of building your dream house using 3D rendering by enlisting the services of a professional rendering company.

A real-time 3D render from Plus Render is one of the best you can get, and it won't burn a hole in your pocket. Our rendering services are professional, timely, and cost-effective, and add great value to your project.

Try our services to experience the world of 3D architectural rendering today!