Marketing Plan For a Property For Sale


What follows is a 16-week strategic marketing plan for a typical property for sale.

  • Discuss market analysis and marketing plan.
  • Prepare and sign Multiple Listing contract and Seller's Disclosure.
  • Install 'For Sale' sign, with your permission.
  • Photograph interior and/or exterior of property, or duplicate owner's photos.
  • There are many benefits of making a real estate video listing of the property.
  • Enter property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and
  • Schedule Broker's Open House for all area agents, E-mail notice to agents.
  • Prepare 4-color Home Feature sheet.
  • Prepare Mortgage Qualification Information to be used at Open Houses.
  • Enter Listing on the Internet
  • Use social media to list the property
  • Distribute feature sheet to all local offices (@500 agents).
  • Fax or mail feature sheets to database of appropriate buyers.
  • Prepare and mail 'Just Listed' postcards to neighbors and surrounding streets.
  • Develop ad copy for the newspaper.
  • Hold Public Open Houses.
  • Arrange and/or accompany showings for all other agents.
  • Review competitive market position.
  • Follow up with agents and customers for feedback and report to Seller.
  • Present to, and discuss with, Seller all offers on the property.


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