How Realtors Can Generate Leads Effectively in 2023


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Generating leads is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your company, which could lead to home sales. This can be a tricky thing to do if you don't know where to start. If you want some great tips, have a look at this article to see how realtors can generate leads effectively in 2023.


1) Get your name out there locally

You might think you are doing a great job when it comes to your advertising, but the goal is to have your name be synonymous with local real estate. One of the best ways to do this is by seeking out local events that are looking for sponsors. Many people aren't going to seek out an agent unless they are looking to sell or buy, so you want to find a way to advertise in places that aren't necessarily related to real estate.

Look into sponsoring things at family events like a local chili cookoff or a nearby carnival. These are great unexpected places to find leads from families who haven't even considered talking to an agent about their home. People will also gravitate toward your name, knowing that you are actively contributing to your community.


2) Work with a social media manager

Social media managers are one of the keys to keeping your social media presence relevant and attractive. They have knowledge about current trends and ideas that can make your social media presence go beyond the people who are following you. Your followers are likely already there because they have encountered you already, so you want to look for ways to get them to share your posts.

One common way many people do this is by offering a small prize for a "like, share and comment" request. The "like" will boost your post higher on people's feeds, the "share" will give your original post hundreds or possibly thousands of new viewers, and the "comment" makes people engage with your content which makes it likely to show up for them in the future. This simple three-step request can make your posts get traction, and it's one of the hidden secrets that a social media manager uses to give your posts some organic interaction.


3) Use internet advertising

There are many different ways you can use the internet to advertise your real estate company. Many companies offer packages that will help you with things like search engine optimization, using PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and social media posts. These are one of the easiest ways to divert traffic to your website or your social media page, and they are relatively easy to use.

You can look into doing these on your own, but some programs can be tricky to customize and understand. Working with an advertising company is the best way to ensure your content is relevant, exciting and interesting enough to draw in people from beyond your regular following. They have an incredible amount of knowledge about how advertising on the internet works, and they are experts in knowing what ideas will suit your company the best.


4) Help local first-time buyers

Many people are likely interested in buying their first home, but the wealth of conflicting information can be confusing. It's difficult for many buyers to figure out where to start when it comes to their purchase, and this leads to some choosing to rent over worrying about a mortgage. If you want to get some new customers, consider hosting a seminar or event in your local area that is geared toward educating new buyers.

Bring in a local financial expert to talk about what's necessary on the finance end, and then use your knowledge of real estate to let them know what happens when the ball starts rolling on their new home purchase. Those who attend your seminar will be very likely to contact you over another agent when it comes to their first home purchase, and you can even use some of your current listings as examples during your speech. Make sure you give those attending some sort of usable swag (like a pen, tape measure or stress ball) that has all of your contact information on it, and your name will be hanging out in their junk drawer for years to come.


5) Be organic online

Using a team is a fantastic way to make sure that everything gets done on time, but that doesn't mean you should be leaving everything up to them. People like agents who are there for them, and being online is a great way to make sure you can respond to questions as soon as possible. Many agents have started utilizing social media from their own personal profiles to make potential customers more comfortable than they would be talking to a real estate "team" about their questions or concerns.

If you want to talk to potential customers through your own personal profile on social media, make sure your existing content is filtered appropriately. Family photos and fun recipes give an air of easy communication, but anything that is too controversial could deter people away. You can usually filter your content to be viewed by the public or your friends only, so if you want to keep anything on your profile personal, make sure you are posting it with the filters turned on.

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6) Make friends with your community

We mentioned earlier how powerful local recommendations could be, so make sure you never lose focus of all of the people nearby that can help you find leads. Participate in community events, small business gatherings and other city-related events so you can get to know the people in your neighborhood.

If you have children in your family, putting them in extracurricular can benefit both of you! They get to have some fun and learn some new things, and you get a whole new group of adults who could be looking to expand into a bigger family home. These organic and natural connections are much more memorable to people than they would be if they met you in a business setting, so make as many of these connections around your town as you can.


Using unique and interesting ways to gain leads is one of the best ways to get new customers into your circle that might not have even considered selling yet. Keeping your face and name fresh in their mind means that they will likely call you first over other agents in the area. New leads can bring you major business, so do whatever you need to get the word out.