How NOT to Sell Your Home


Dear homeowner:

Did you know that up to 1/3 of all real estate brokerages in the Boston area compensate buyer's agents less than traditional sub-agents. Why do they do this? Mostly out of ignorance. My experience working with Buyer Agents has been completely positive. In my opinion they tend to be better focused and organized, and often produced the highest offer on my listings. Why any agent or broker would try to discourage Business is beyond me.

A listing broker should look for any way to increase exposure to a marketed property.

Did you know that most big-chain real estate firms pay their agents a bonus for keeping the sale in-house. They don't like to share their commissions with other agencies. Often they won't even put it in the Multiple Listing computer until their agents have had an unadvertised chance to sell it in-house.

Did you know that most agents today still work with both buyers and sellers, they are constantly juggling two hats. It's tough to get that rival co-broke in to your listing, that you might still sell yourself, when you are running all over town with some hot-to trot buyers who are only in town for the weekend.

Many agents think that all they need do is stick a sign in the ground, and run an ad in the newspaper, and the buyers will come to them. A few will, but most will not. One agent is never working with more than a handful of buyers at anyone time. What are the odds of that perfect buyer being among those few? Not very good, that's for sure. What are the odds that the perfect buyer, that is the buyer who is willing to pay the most money, with the best terms, is to be found in any one particular office? Still not very good.

Real Estate is really all about numbers; the more exposure a home is given, the more access allowed, the more buyers will come to view, the more buyers will make offers, the better the final price will be. When an agent lists a property for sale she and her broker have a fiduciary responsibility to obtain the highest possible price, with the best terms for their seller.

Servicing the Real Estate Sale

Marketing Plan For a Property For Sale