The Benefits Of Real Estate Video Listings When Selling


The real estate industry is a rapidly expanding one. It's one industry that relies heavily on visuals. This is the reason why concepts, such as curb appeal and in-person visits to a property, are commonplace in the real estate world.

For effectiveness, a lot of attention is often placed on creating a property listing, which is the word for advertising in real estate. Information contained in your listing description is typically your first shot at attracting and engaging potential customers.

Various media are utilized in property listings, including infographics, images, and video. Yet, none seems to match the effectiveness of video listings. You can read on some video marketing guide for real estate agents to better understand how to harness the power of video marketing.

Video listings used to be a luxury, but it's now gradually gaining commonplace in the real estate world. These important pieces of the content offer a good number of benefits when selling a property. Some of which are discussed in this article.

Here are the benefits of real estate video listing when selling:


1. They Get The Attention Of Customers

A lot of reports claim that videos get the attention of people more than other media. Why? Because videos are a lot more immersive than still images or any other media format available. A video that's perfectly blended with visual and auditory content helps create and sustain customer attention.

Making use of video listing is like giving customers what they want. Expectedly, when you provide customers what they wish for, you get better results from them.

With a simple call to action in your videoes, customers would be calling to find out more about the sales than you thought.


2. They Give A Realistic Feel

There was a time when physical visits were the only way for customers to have an idea of a house they're looking to buy. With the introduction of video listing to real estate, clients no longer have to be onsite to know what a property offers them. This means that the singular act of using video listing can be a mover to sell your properties faster.

Nothing else captures a home's essence like a physical visit. However, if these videos are done well, it'll provide a similitude of a physical visit to a property. From an offsite location, clients can easily visualize themselves inhabiting a house.


3. Video Listings Complement Other Marketing Strategies

In most cases, a singular marketing strategy can't get you the best results you want. Utilizing video listings for a property, however, gives an edge to your entire marketing strategy because it can be easily integrated.

If you use an MLS (multi-listing services) or have an exclusive right to sell, video listings work for you. While you upload your video listing to the internet, you can also add them to your email marketing and other media you use to better convey your property listing.

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4. Optimization and Easy Tracking of Engagement

Many property listings cannot guarantee a satisfactory level of tracking results. Many of them are vague or overestimated.

With video listings, you get to measure click-through rates, the number of video views per person, and when a viewer disengaged from watching a video. Knowing this information helps you understand what has been working and what needs optimization in the future.


5. They're More Descriptive and More Likely To Prompt Actions

Videos are often easier to digest compared to all other forms of content. This is because they don't need to be bombarded with a lot of words that might not be so easy to comprehend.

For instance, customers get to see the exact interior and exterior specifications of the property in a video. When accompanied with the right audio description, customers can also pick out the details of the house on sale better.

Also, as opposed to infographics and images, emotions can be added to a video via a voiceover. Emotions can be spurred by statements such as, "Have you seen the incredible balcony view?" "You would love the varnished kitchen cabinets," etc. Clients are more likely to buy a property based on the emotions generated while watching your video.

As mentioned, call-to-action can also be added to your video listings. If a client enjoyed the video and is willing to buy, you can ask them to contact you via some means you already put in the video. You can also ask viewers to share, like, and comment on your video listings to ensure engagement.


6. Wider Reach and Better Visibility

With internet access, videos are much easier to access. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. This is a basis for anyone looking to sell a property to consider video listing

In cases when a person who viewed your video listing is not looking to buy, they're likely to share your video listing just because it impressed them. Thereby, providing you with a broader reach at no cost.

You also get better visibility on the internet. Search engines typically look for the most engaging content, and no other content beats videos in terms of engagement. Hence, if you upload a video listing on your website, the chances of finding your video are significantly increased.


7. Markets Your Real Estate Brand

Easier marketing for realtors using video listing is another benefit of video listings. Video listings help to market your business name and portfolio.

Videos always get a wider reach and engagement. With your company logo, name, or contact affixed to a video listing, you get marketed as a realtor with a brand.

Whenever customers remember watching your video, they automatically recall your brand. This can translate to more sales and leads for you in the long run. To ensure a retainment of your brand identity in the mind of customers, you must ensure that colors, fonts, and personalized video structures are continuously used.

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The best way to catch on the real estate boom is by strategic marketing. Strategic marketing is well guaranteed with the use of video listings.

Videos are not going anytime soon. There are multiple data and information that portend videos are the best marketing media. The potential of using video listing is so high that any realtor not using them is only limiting the likelihood of selling fast.