Pest control can be a problem no matter where you live, whether you live in an apartment or a house, in the city or on the countryside. Rodents can damage electrical wiring and insulation and spread disease from fleas, mites, urine and feces that they leave behind. If you find nuisance wildlife in your home, it's probably best to contact a wildlife removal company, since they know how to handle the situation. The animal could have rabies which can be transmitted to a human through a bite.
Critter usually enter your home when the weather gets colder. Any opening around your home is an entrance for a critter. Vent, crawlspace, garage, chimney and attics are popular spots for critters.
How do you know you have a pest problem? How do you get rid of rats in your home without poison? If you're renting a property who is responsible for pest control, the landlords or the tenants? Below you'll find some very informative tips and suggestions on how to deal with pests in your home.


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