How to Avoid Getting Wildlife or Rodents in your Boston Apartment


If you live in an apartment, finding out that you're sharing your space with a rodent or any other wildlife is even more invasive than if you were in a home. This is because you live in such a small area that sharing it with any critter can be a nightmarish scenario. If you live in a Boston apartment and want to avoid any uninvited guests in your living quarters, you can employ a few tips to make sure your apartment stays free from problems caused by rats and mice.


Avoid Rodents in your Boston Apartment


Seal Up All Your Food

One of the most essential techniques you can practice to make sure that no rodents find their way into your apartment is to seal all of your food in airtight containers. The primary reason these animals are going to enter your residence in the first place is in search of food. This means if you remove their food source by default, you have an excellent chance of eliminating the rodents or preventing them from coming in the first place.

Engage someone to help you remove any stains and clean hard-to-reach areas. Ensure the walls are squeaky clean, tiles are spick-and-span, and the ceiling thoroughly spotless.


Make Your Space Tidy and Neat

Another excellent way to prevent wildlife or rodents from setting up shop in your Boston apartment is to make sure that you keep your residence neat and tidy. Piles of laundry lying on the floor, and junk lying around in general, make for great hiding spaces for mice and rats. These seemingly innocuous occurrences will provide the shelter these animals need to feel safe and set up a home base in a search for food.

Speaking of their search for food, it's also important to vacuum regularly as little crumbs can fall into the carpet that is almost impossible to see with human eyes. However, these tiny bite-size morsels are perfect for rats and mice and will serve as a nice little snack incentive if not vacuumed up regularly.


Patch Up Holes, or Contact Your Landlord

Another issue that might lead to a wildlife or rodent problem in your Boston apartment could be holes that lead outside. If you live in an apartment, most likely the responsibility of fixing these holes falls on the landlord, and you should only repair them yourself as a last resort measure. The best apartment tip to handle the situation is to contact your landlord and let them know you have found a point of entry that needs to be sealed up. Then they will likely take care of it in a speedy manner as they don't want rodents any more than you do.


Do The Dishes and Take Out The Trash

A couple of additional chores that you can build into your daily routine that will eliminate rodents is making sure you do the dishes and take out the trash instead of putting it off for a later time. Dishes sitting in the sink, or an overflowing trash can will create a smorgasbord of food opportunities for rats, mice, and all other sorts of wildlife that are on the prowl for their daily meals.

Repelling Rodents Takes Discipline

If you can implement these four methods and follow them with rigorous discipline, you can be sure that your Boston apartment will be free of rodents and wildlife. The best way to stop a rodent problem is to prevent it in the first place. That is why incorporating a few simple steps into your daily routine will work wonders in keeping all of the outdoor pests at bay and outside where they belong.

Avoid Rodents in your home


Taking Measures for Rodent Removal

If you find that wildlife has already already snuck their way into your apartment, the removal of those pesky rodents can become a whole other situation to deal with. Be sure to use humane traps rather than poison to deal with them, in order to avoid the spread of toxicity in your apartment. You may also find it in your best interest to contact animal removal experts because they can directly attack the issue for you. But, if you'd like to know further information on how you can handle this situation for yourself, click here to learn more about how to get rid of rats.