Simple and Effective Ways You Can Eliminate Annoying Pests from Your Apartment Unit




Pests are already annoying enough when they swarm around us outdoors, but it gets worse when they make their way into our homes. There's a lot of them, they just always know how to get into our homes, from mosquitoes to spiders, ants, and bugs, the list goes on. While it is hard to prevent them from getting our homes, we can at least eliminate them by taking the steps listed below:

1. Carpenter Ants

There are over 10,000 species of ant, and they can be causally grouped into these two, annoying although harmless and very destructive.
Carpenter ants are large and destructive, they are annoying, and they also bite.

How did they get into your apartment? Carpenter ants love wet and moldy wood, so if you have wet furniture. In your home or any moisture issue in your part of your home, they will be drawn to those areas. So, here are some tips on how to get rid of carpenter ants with some simple, yet effective DIY tips. These tips will help you eliminate this menace from your home in no time.


Make a bait to find their nest. Carpenter ants are drawn to sugar, so you can mix equal amounts of sugar and baking soda and put it in a shallow dish. Sugar attracts them, while baking soda kills them.

Eliminate scent trails. Carpenter ants leave pheromone trails to find their food sources (this could be your furniture). You need to clean the surfaces they have traveled through before. When you do this, they like their trail back to their food place. Wipe the surfaces of furniture or plumbing pipes, and so on with a cotton ball that you have dipped in an essential oil like tea tree, cedarwood, lemon, and orange. Also, spray surfaces with a dish soap and water solution or water and vinegar solution.

2. Termites

Most homes contain wood in them, making them a prime target for termites. These pests are silent destroyers that will target wooden fixtures or elements inside a residence. They stay out of sight and just quietly munch on your furniture. You can kill them with:


Vinegar: Mix a half cup of vinegar with the juice from two lemons, put it in a spray bottle, and spray the mixture in the termite-infested areas in your apartment.

Orange oil: Orange oil is deadly to termites. Extract the oil from orange peels or buy from a garden store or online, and spray in your home. Spray regularly to prevent termites from coming into your home entirely.


3. Houseflies


Venus flytrap: The Venus flytrap is a plant that eats insects, and you can plant them outside your house to prevent houseflies from coming into your house at all.

Use insecticide and other repellants: To get rid of houseflies, use insecticides, and other repellants, that are not harmful to you, your family, or your pets. You can also get a flytrap online instead.

4. Mosquitoes


Use a garlic spray: A garlic spray is an alternative to chemical-laden mosquito sprays. Crush a few cloves of garlic and allow to boil in water for some minutes. Then pour into a spray bottle and spray around the house regularly to control mosquitoes.

Keep sliced lemon and cloves in your apartment: Lemon or anything citrusy will help you control mosquitoes in your home. Mosquitoes hate the smell, so slice a lemon in half and put cloves in them. Put the cloves infused lemon slices on a flat plate and place them strategically in your home.

Pests can be quite annoying, especially when it's a recurrent issue in your apartment. By following the tips stated above, you can get rid of them without doing something major. As a result, your apartment will be preserved.