How Plumbing Leaks Can Attract Rodents and Pests


Nobody likes finding uninvited animals in their home. No matter how big or small. While many wild animals are certainly unwelcome in most residences, rodents are usually at the top of the list.

Wild animals can find their way into your home for many different reasons. This is usually because somewhere in the foundation or build of your home, there are flaws that allow them to enter. This could be from damage to the roof, walls, or foundational areas around the base of the home. They could find their way in through vents or other openings like chimneys that are built into the home.

Because they are small, rodents are easily able to find their way into your space. And when any animal finds their way into your home, especially rodents, you need to remove them as soon as you are made aware of their presence. They can cause serious damage to the home -- more than they already did finding their way in. And they carry around serious diseases or bacteria. You do not have to directly interact with wild animals to become infected with these illnesses. Some can become airborne and infect you through the air that you breathe in the home. Visit to learn more about the impact rodents can have on your home and your health.

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What attracts rodents to your space in the first place?

Well, animals, including rodents, need a few basic things -- just like we do. They need food, water, and a safe place to sleep and keep warm. Your home is the perfect option if they can find their way in. Humans are messy and leave trash and food scraps around. That takes care of the food. Your home, even just your attic or basement, has a roof and walls. A safe, warm shelter. Your home can also provide water. Especially if your space is prone to plumbing leaks.

Rodents will search for water anywhere. Your crawl spaces can provide water if the plumbing is not maintained. Do your sinks drip a little bit? That can be an easy source of water as well. Are your gutters clogged? This can lead to a build-up of rainwater. Another easy source to one of their main needs. Water accumulation anywhere in your home can attract any wildlife. Not just rodents. Larger mammals like raccoons will find the water in your space attractive and insects need a water supply as well. If you are seeing large mammals like raccoons or possums in your space, you may need to hire a professional company like C & C Wildlife Control.

Wherever you see any water accumulating because of plumbing issues, there is a chance for animals to be attracted and want to take up residence in the space. Not only do water leaks cause your home to be more appealing to rodents and wild animals, but they also can cause severe damage without it. Water leaks on upper levels can cause the floors to become soft and eventually break. Water leaks on bottom levels can do the same and cause incredibly serious foundational issues. Water can even cause wood to rot. Certain insects will be attracted to your space because of the water. If they are wood-destroying pests, you have two wood and home-destroying factors to take care of: water leaks and pests. All of these factors can easily just build upon one another and exacerbate each other. If you notice any leaky plumbing around or inside of your home, you need to take care of it as soon as possible to avoid rodents, pests, and serious water damage.