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Gifting is an art that is unique in itself. Why I have mentioned the word unique is because I believe that picking up the right gift is not only an art but also an art that very few people are 'gifted' with. It is a misconception that expensive gifts are cherished much more than the ones that have a lesser market value. Quite the opposite, gifts are often appreciated for the thoughtfulness and the emotions they convey, rather than for being ostentatious in nature.

Notwithstanding the fact, whether we are loaded with money or not, gifts should never be a reflection of our spending power. Gifts should be a reflection of our understanding of the feelings of our loved ones and a gesture of love. Of course, we may sometimes feel the crunch of cash when we wish to buy something really exclusive for someone special. Reconcile yourself to the fact that your feelings often count much more than your gift and a well-chosen gift, even though it has not cost you a lot of money, will be remembered for years and years

The gifts that cost you the least, and mean the most to your family and friends, are the ones that you create yourself. Don’t get alarmed. Nobody expects you to become a great artist overnight. Creativity is a natural manifestation of nature that is present in most human beings. Only, most of us are unable to develop our creative instincts in our lifetime. However, it’s never too late to start exploring your natural instincts. So, why not put some of your creativity to use this year on your mother’s birthday For instance, you wish to gift something to your mother on her birthday but you can’t really afford what you would actually like to buy for her. Instead, you could pen down a few lines for your mother, an appreciation of all that she has done for you. You could put your culinary skills to test by baking a birthday cake for her. Deliver this cake with a card with your hand written poetry lines on it. Trust me, your mother will be delighted to receive a personalized gift such as this.

However, it is not always necessary that you have to create something yourself to save on cash. The markets have become so consumer-friendly that they cater to everyone’s specific needs. At the time of festivals, especially Christmas, the market abounds in heavy discounts and sales where you may be able to strike quite a bargain. The best gifts are available at low costs and there are special offers for all categories of gifts.

The best bargains do not last long and one has to be on the look out and act fast in case one spots a lucrative offer. You would be lucky if you can grab an exclusive gift for a cheap price. But, do not be disheartened if you are unable to catch a striking bargain during the sale season. You will find quite a good variety in the low cost and cheap gifts categories. Do not be misled by the literal meaning of the word ‘cheap’. Cheap gifts are those that cost you less. In no way do they indicate a compromise that is reflected in the quality of the ingredients or the craftsmanship of the products. They are assembled in such a way that their price does not exceed the budget of an average buyer.

Low cost gift baskets are one of the best choices when you are buying cheap gifts. The most saleable variety of cheap gift baskets are the ones that are packed with sumptuous goodies. Chocolates, cookies, popcorns, fruits are the favorite ingredients of these gift baskets. These yummy, sumptuous treats are a hit with everyone and are packaged beautifully to make them look even more attractive. You could even add a bottle of red wine or white wine to the fruit basket. Wine and cheese make a wonderful combination, too. Other inexpensive gift baskets that make great gifts for friends, family and corporate associates are flower baskets. Fresh flowers look great and are often liked by almost everyone. The feel of fresh scented flowers is bound to add buoyancy to any environment and lighten up the spirits. These gift baskets fulfill the gifting needs of every occasion, be it an anniversary, birthday or Christmas. They can be sent as congratulations baskets, get well soon baskets, anniversary baskets, wedding baskets and baskets for no occasion except to please your loved ones.

Other gift ideas in this category could be scented candles, hand-made photo frames, hand painted pottery, photo albums, candle holders and even sterling silver jewelry, all affordable and within the range of everyone with a very limited budget. You could also send personalized gifts such as a birthday plate, a personalized photo frame or a photo album, an engraved jewelry box or some great cufflinks for our dad with his initials engraved on them. Another lovely affordable gift is an engraved pen that can be gifted to almost everyone. I have seen people preserving their gifted engraved pens for years and years as their most prized possessions. You may also consider gifting a lovely diary to a person to record addresses and phone numbers. You could even put together a great personalized gift basket on your own. There are innumerable gift ideas available in the market, which you can make use of by making a few trips to the market.

Gifting is a great experience and “God Loveth a cheerful giver”. So, whenever you pick gifts for your loved ones, do it with love and lots of happiness in your heart. Remember that the value of your feelings is of much more eminence than the value of the gift. We hope that it is. Giving gifts is a natural expression of our desire to give, to people who have a special significance in our life. With a gift, you also gift your love, your feelings and a desire to further grow your relationship with the recipient. Understand the real relevance of giving gifts and also teach it to your children to help them understand the true essence of ‘giving’.