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“- from yours Valentine”, was the nicest love expression written by the legend St. Valentine to his love when he left the jail. She was the daughter of the jailer. That expression is still alive in modern love gifts, love cards and love letters today.

The days before the love day Valentine’s Day comes, every body becomes quite excited and prepared to celebrate with their loving person. The cool love gets a fire in touch of the love day. The preparation is quite obvious, because it comes once in a year. The occasion gives the chance to the pairs of lovers to express and enjoy love and romance. Whatever St. Valentine had written on his love note, people want to go with the same sense of love to their loving one.

The occasion brings you opportunity and thoughts for celebration by gifts, cards, and letters. We look for different varieties of gifts and letters. We want to be special in giving and receiving gifts. Obviously it is seasonal but focused on very important par of our life. We know love and romance is inevitable part of our life. It is said that love is the food for soul. The sentiments and emotion control our inertia to a make life livingly. So there is no compromise in the getting happiness in such occasion. Gifts make more sensational and exciting. But choose such special gifts on the special day to make worth of your money, idea and feelings. Choose Usable stuff, Mobile phone, Cosmetics, Lingerie, Households, Chocolates, Songs, Movies, Trip, Jewellary, Dress, Statues, Letter pad, Valentine Cards. If the gifts are specific to man or women then it should be care fully selected for a distinguishing. Giving Gift:

Gifting is an art. The selection of a gift is quite difficult task. After selecting a gift packing is necessary. Packing should be nicely handled to safe the important item. Tie and tag with silk ribbons and frills. These are the royal symbol of gift accessories you must have to give along with the gift. Tie with silk ribbons and trappings frills to make more important your gift. Write his/her name and occasion –Valentine’s Day ad your name on the tag.

Gift for Her:

Cards: Give her a card with nice love quotations. The color you can choose is pink, red, yellow combinations. The nice landscape with fairies, flowers is ideal stuff on the card.

Jewellary: Jewellary is a must favorite item among women. Gold, silver, diamond or ornamental stones are necessarily liked by women.

Dress: Gifting a nice dress is pretty subjective and meaningful. The favorite color of the dress and designs can increase the value of the gift. These are the first choices of your women.

Statues: A statue of love pair, loving birds, flowers, pets are ideal for Valentine gift. These are made of plastics, glass, fibers, plaster of Paris, China clay, porcelain, stones, clays, cement, ceramics etc.

Letter pad: Give a letter pad to your partner to get back a bunch of hearty words. That can be used by your partner when she wants to write you few words.

Flowers: Flowers are must favorite for women. They use flowers as ear rings, head rings and so many ornaments. The color of flowers and verities makes the meaning of the gift. Sending flowers is one of the most special ways to brighten up someone's day. If it is Valentine's Day it doubles up the joy. Exchanging of flowers is more romantic and meaningful. Flowers speak thousand words to your love partner.

Roses: Rose is the most meaning full occasional gift to your girl friend or wife. Gift a red rose that symbolizes the warm love and romance you want to share with your beloved women.

Cosmetics: Perfumes, creams, lip-sticks are major items for your women friend. Go for a shopping of these items from good brands.

Hearts: Heart symbolizes the love for a person. Gift a heart-shaped teddy doll that indicates a direct approach to your lover. The heart shaped gift is a direct meaning of saying “I love you” to your women.

Love Knots: According to Arabic traditions the fashion of sending love knots are sent by Muslim Women. This idea can be applied as new test adding in love gifts. Women used to send their love messages to their beloved one's woven in the knots of a carpet.

Cupid: A statue of Cupid is an interesting and meaningful gift in this context. Cupid, the winged little angel pierces the hearts of his victims with his bows and arrows. The Greeks called him “Eros” whereas to the Romans he was known by the name of “Cupid”, the son of Venus. Cupid makes your woman emotional to fall in love.

Plastic Heart Pendant: This is an Ornament made of plastic. The heart-shaped pendants are available in local craft store to make necklaces. These are available in different color and designs.

Valentine Wreath: You can make or buy a wreath, which should be decorated with some heart shaped stones. Stones should be different colored: red, white and pink. If the stones are diamonds you can win the heart of your partner so easily. She will love and want to save them.

Lingerie: This is quite sexy intimate wear that is always a good choice as a gift on the special day. This gift gives you younger feelings at any age of life. Ensure about the size and color choice of your partner.

Chocolate: Your choice of gift must impress your partner that will indicate how much you care for her and understanding between you. You can give a chocolate having good test and romantic appealing in it. Gift her latest and new kind of candies so she can understand your caring for her.

Gift for Him

Valentine's Day always brings certain things to mind that to celebrate with something special. Men are hungry of love and romance too. So the great chance is Valentine’s Day to impress your boy friend or husband. If your wedding is going to be happened during the love-month of February means you can get as romantic as you want.

Flowers: Men love flowers. Collect the best colored flower that your partner likes. Make an intricate arrangement to give him flower that signifies romance, loyalty or purity. This must impress your lover for deeper relationship.

Picture & Frame: This is really a nice idea to immortalize your love. Give him a portrait of the happy couple in a good cube frame. The better idea is to put your combined (you and him) photograph for recalling each moment by him. Give your single photograph in the frame is also good gift.

Chocolate: Give him testy of candies and wrapped chocolates. Buy chocolate molds in romantic shapes make toothsome medallions to wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. That will be a caring style of gift. There are many varieties of candies: Chocolate strawberry, Mango, vanilla, Coco, white, milk, Cadburys etc. So choose the best choice of your boyfriend.

Of course, if you want more novelty in the occasion there are no stop to choice. There are some gifts can be given to your heart-friend: Cherub and Hearts Cellophane Favor Bag Kit, White Cherubs Votive Candle Box, Set of Hand painted Ceramic Conversation Heart Boxes, Pearlized Heart or Rose Design Votive Place Card Holder, Hearts and Roses Favor Bags, Rose Frame Magnet in Sheer Organza Bag, Rose Soap Petals in Clear Heart Box with Sheer Bow and Tag, Rose Ribbon Candy Heart, Rose Soap Garden Box, Rose Heart French Soap, Ivory Rice Paper with Decorative Hearts and Roses Guest Book and Pen Set, Lavender Rose Potpourri, Doodles Heartthrob Magnet and Memo Clip

Sexy Red Fruit. This is not realistic but more a dramatic style of giving shiny fruit in an ornamental pouch. The idea is to tempt him to get him closer. Cherries are a great choice for fruit that scream romance.

Champagne. A small bottle of sparkling wine makes elegant favors without blowing the budget. This is not a regular but fits in this occasion to make a smile on his lips. Be a smart shopper to find champagne flutes. Because it should be trouble free.