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Is The Florida Real Estate Market Cooling Down In 2022?

December 07, 2020

The Florida real estate market is a hot topic of discussion. It's no surprise that many people are wondering what will happen to Florida home prices in 2022. Mortgage rates may help…

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Post-Lockdown Home Prices Are On The Rise

December 05, 2020

You as a homeowner should stay well informed at all times as the current boom can change and vary quickly. Whichever your current situation is, the time to act…

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Atlanta Home Buyers Face a Competitive Housing Market

May 21, 2021

The housing market has had a strong recovery now that people are getting vaccinated. Home buyers are purchasing properties that they had been eyeing during the shutdown…

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Are Dallas Home Prices Unsustainable?

Dallas, TX, is a hot spot for real estate investments and home buyers. But the market has been experiencing some major changes over the past few years: prices have been steadily rising while...

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3 Factors Impacting Real Estate In 2021

Home buying companies are becoming a trend in this age. Trying to earn money by increasing the number of assets is one of the most popular ways many people are investing...


Why We Won't See A Housing Market Crash Anytime Soon

Whether you want to sell or buy a new property, understanding how the housing market industry works is essential. The housing...

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Housing Market Performance Towards The End Of 2021

The housing market has been quite an interesting one to watch over the last year. Before Covid-19, housing was already limited, but it was further restricted as...


The US Housing Market Trends in 2021

Despite the economic uncertainty induced by the pandemic, the real estate market emerged, with significant demand for properties in practically every corner of the country. The number of home...


When Is The Housing Market Expected To Crash?

The market crash has been a question on the minds of many. Home buying companies heard this question so much that it is clear that fear...


What to Expect from the Housing Market During 2021's Last Quarter?

The property market in 2021 has pbroven challenging to manage for any homeowner, new or experienced. In 2021, prices have...


Home buying Trends You'll See This Spring 2021

In 2021, Seattle will likely remain a seller's real estate market. A strong buyer demand, low interest rates, and low inventory will....


The Home Market Is Booming! How Long Will It Last?

By now your debate over selling or not should have been taken care of, as now is the time to sell as...