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Business Stamp


Business Stamps:

Business stamps include the regular stamps used by a company in it day to day activities. Stamps are also used as an identification mark such as a hologram.

Business and stamps have a traditional association. Stamps typically contain words which are repetitively used and need to be accurate every time. Common stamps normally include logo of the company, address, dates and many other data. Business stamps are mainly rubber stamps and hand made. With advances in technology special pre-inked and movable stamps have been developed. Rubber stamps also come in various styles which are discussed below.


Types of Business Rubber Stamps


1. Self Inking Rubber Stamps:

Self inking rubber stamps as the name indicates dont require a stamp pad to create the impression and is self inked. Self inking stamp pads come in three shapes which include round, square and rectangular. Each shape is used for specific information or data.

• Rectangular Stamps are mainly used for address stamps and deposit stamps. They normally come in five different sizes.


• Round Stamps are best for creating a business seal or logo. Round stamps are popular seen as library stamps. Round stamps are normally available in 3 sizes.

• Square Stamps are popularly used for initials and as loyalty stamps. Ready square stamps are normally available in 4 sizes.

Any company can have its own customized self inking stamp. These stamps can be made online or at the manufactures by specifying typefaces, sizes and the text. The manufacturer allows to proof read stamp design on a screen before he makes the actual stamp, thus allowing any changes. Normally these stamps are long lasting and produce a good and clear impression as they are made soft synthetic grips.


2. Pre-inked Rubber Stamp:

Pre-inked rubber stamps similar to the self inking dont require a rubber stamp but are pre-inked. These stamps can be custom made for businesses small or big. These stamps are also available in several sizes wherein, the rectangular stamps allow impression of three to nine lines depending on the size. A round stamp is also available, which is more popular company seal.


3. Handle Mounted Stamps :

These are the most traditional and popular types of business stamps. For business these stamps are personalized by putting the company name, logo or product name for a particular marketing event. These stamps require a stamp pad. A handle is mounted over the stamp frame allowing a grip. Similar to other stamps the sizes of handle mounted stamp vary according to the number of lines. These stamps are popular in round and rectangular shapes.


4. Stock Message Stamp :

These stamps normally are having a specific message which conveys a particular act. These stamps help in efficiently completing everyday tasks. The popular stock message stamp are confidential, copy, draft, duplicate, entered, faxed, file copy, first class mail, for deposit only fragile, original, paid, past due, posted, received, rush, urgent, void and many more. These stamps are available in both pre-inked and handle mounted style.


5. Date Stamp :

Date stamp are mainly used for imprinting dates. These stamps are available in rotating style thus can be used for many years. Date stamp can also be customized by adding the company name over the date. Similarly even specific messages can also be added with the date the most commonly added messages include answered, billed, received, checked, paid, backordered, delivered, shipped, cancelled, charged, entered and faxed. Date stamps are available in both self inking and manual style.


6. Seal Stamps :

These stamps have the round seal or logo of the company. They are available in all pre-inked, self-inked and manual style. The stamps are made using high precision and give the clear and crisp impression of the logo.



Hologram more than stamps they are stickers. They have replaced stamps which were used as symbol of certain companys product being original. However over the time few companies indulged into manufacturing duplicate products under the stamp. To prevent this hologram were developed. Holograms are specially made stickers show that company the company logo or name in a 3 dimensional form. Holograms have certain hidden features thus are impossible to copy.


Stamping On Products

Normally companies along with hologram also put an engraved or a permanent stamp on their products. For metal products the special mechanized machines have been developed that put a stamp over the product. For products like engines normally the manufacturing date and center is put in a coded language.


Quality Stamps

These stamps are related to any specially quality certification offered by the government. Quality stamping is a big activity in jewelry business. The manufacture has to put the gold quality stamp if the gold is 18 or 14 Karat, similarly they also need to put a Hallmark stamp which similar to ISO stamps.


Code Stamps

Specially coded stamps are used by various industries to recognize their products. Most courier companies have coded put coded stamps to track their parcels.


Revenue Stamps

These stamps are normally required for legal documents. Revenue stamps are the ideal way of paying the government charges and taxes for a particular activity. Revenue stamps are commonly used by those tobacco, liquor, drugs and playing cards business.


Postal Stamps

Though not required for direct business purpose, postal stamps are still largely used by business. Usually official letters are stamps are send by post, for the same postal stamps are required. These days every post office offers franking services thus preventing the trouble of sticking stamps manually.

Above mentioned all types of stamps are a very crucial part of administration of any business. Stamps play a crucial role in all types of documents and when handing over a certain task. A stamp on a certain document also tells about the status such as delivered or paid. Regular and proper use of stamps in office assures that the administration is going smooth. Use of stamps prevents a lot of ambiguity where there are frequent deliveries and collection tasks. Moreover, stamp also acts as a business card of the company. Stamp often is indicative and determines the identity of the company.