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Business Web Hosting

A Money Making Internet Business:

There is a new trend building up in the internet marketing web hosting businesses popularly knows as reseller web hosting. This is a process where common individuals can sell web hosting without actually setting up the infrastructure commonly required for hosting on the web.

After understanding such an efficient business model that provides an on going monthly income it becomes very difficult to ignore it. As a hosting reseller for a good online hosting company many internet marketing guys are making very profitable easy online money in there little spare time.

So the question arises what is the nature of work in reseller hosting business and how can one start into it

This service of Reseller hosting provides an opportunity for the internet marketers to sell the services provided by a web hosting company as there own product or service. Generally businesses supporting this feature also name it as private labeling. in this process an internet marketer buys a service from a web based hosting company at highly discounted rates and further label it as there own , apply there own marketing strategy and offer it at a price of there own.

One can start in Reseller hosting with a very minimal investment may be starting from a mere 15$ onwards a month. This way there lays an opportunity with minimal startup cost.

Well a great thing about working with some web based hosting group companies is that they provide a great deal of support in building your business. They provide round the clock guidance through their effective support systems. They even manage the traffic on your online severs and also look after the billing to your clients so that you can spend maximum time marketing and selling there product and related service.

There are enormous other beneficiary features that web hosting companies provide to internet marketers so that they can work efficiently and provide maximum turnover. But here my centre of focus remain in how web hosting be used to build a solid money making internet business

So here are a few ways on how to develop a web hosting opportunity into a money making internet business, for common individuals.

1) Prefer selling on E bay:

The business is simple. What needs to be done is that a turnkey business which is developed in such a way that it can be resold again and again needs to be created on E bay. Now a small monthly fee is to be charged from the people who bring in there sites to be hosted through my hosting service. This is one of the methods I really like. Its easy and simple to make instant money in this business.

Now to have a clear picture you can yourself go to the E bay site and check there businesses for sale segment you will find hundreds of people doing the same businesses. Its really strange, why would such a good web site sell for so less. It generally amazes many. But the real picture is hidden and a very few online shoppers know the truth. In reality sites like E bay are not focused on generating revenues from the sale of the businesses put on there site but the revenues they charge fro the people using there hosting service.

This is indeed legal; all you need to do is to make an agreement for a particular duration of time with the people using your hosting services.

Selling a 100 or more websites is not a great deal on the web. One could easily generate a 900$ or more every week just by selling on e bay. But the fact that still remains on the negative side is that you will only earn till your clients stay with your hosting service. Payments for hosting on the web are made on a monthly basis so the rewards are just as you may earn through internet marketing. You get paid till you retain the client whether you work or not.

2) Making money by hosting Blogs:

Blogging is in the markets right now, its creating a next big sensation among the internet marketing businesses. Its getting really hot with every proceeding day. Every week almost 2, 00,000 Blogs are created over the web. Well most of them are being hosted free of any cost but surely there are many bloggers who are keen to have a personal domain and a web hosting service solely for their blogs.

A very good feature that blogs have is that they do not consume high bandwidth and disk spaces. Its really very cheap to have a blog of your own; in fact you can host hundreds of them with the help of very minute resources and make enormous incomes by selling your services..

Another great feature that blogs enable blogger with is that they need very little technical assistance from the bloggers side which in effect allows a blogger to as many blogs as possible. In fact having more than one blog enables a blogger to build his business fast and still keeps the cost of resources utilized very marginal.

An Easier way to Market your Blogs

One should build a hosting service which works in a niche market to publish blogs. In your own niche you always face less competition than the World Wide Web. Targeting forums with the expertise in the subjects they are hosted for could fetch you a good clientage.

Providing helpful solutions on the various forums will bring in good business. To really make it a success through this service mode you need to have a unique selling proposition. You could again give some free stuff along with the subscription of hosting service.

There are numerous ways to build money making internet businesses.

Resale of hosting as it has been tried and tested by many internet marketers, and as you understand, it is a very good business structure.

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